‘9-1-1’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 14 “Dumb Luck”

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This week’s 9-1-1 will make you think long and hard about “dumb luck.” As Eddie struggles with therapy, Maddie and Chimney worry about Jee-Yun’s illness. Meanwhile, Lucy starts feeling uncertain about her choices following a newsworthy rescue, and Athena feels uneasy about a call.

Keep reading to find out what happened in “Dumb Luck.”

Struggling Behind Walls

Eddie and Christopher are enjoying breakfast together, and all seems right with the world. Eddie is even joking around. Chris asks his dad what’s wrong with his leg, as it has a bullet-sized bleeding hole. He soon gets the same spot in the area where he was shot, and Eddie thinks back to the helicopter crash and sniper, as well as the well when he starts choking on water.

He wakes up safe and sound, and Bobby is there to greet him with coffee. Bobby tells Eddie about how he always had nightmares after losing his family. Eddie contemplates why he’s still here when his friends died, and it’s all about “dumb luck.”

Eddie and Christopher talk about therapy and how exhausting it is to talk about things that are scary. And eventually, Eddie will feel better.

Eddie meets Frank for therapy, opening up about the helicopter crash and doing his job to save people. It’s not his fault he couldn’t stop the chopper from crashing. Eddie comes home to Buck, who was watching Chris. Eddie wonders if what they do is worth it, if it’s just random.

Back In Action

With Chimney back at the 118, Jonah leaves for his new position at a different firehouse. And it’s so nice seeing him and Hen working together again. They are a power duo, and I missed them. That is all.


Lucy and Jonah catch up (literally since Lucy brought a baseball glove she found in her locker). She has been all over the news after saving a woman falling from her balcony, but she doesn’t like that so many reporters have been wanting to interview her. Jonah brings up how Lucy took a shot every time she came on the news after the freeway rescue, noting how she relished in her heroics. Lucy doesn’t understand since anyone could have caught her. It doesn’t make her special.

Back at the firehouse, Buck tries to comfort Lucy, telling her not to let it go to her head.

“She should’ve died.”

Lucy ran scenarios through her head about not catching the woman. She’s trying to figure out a way she could have saved her that doesn’t involve luck. Buck tells Lucy about the roller coaster incident in season 1 and how it affected him, all of the what-ifs. The woman didn’t die because Lucy caught her. Lucy’s luck could change tomorrow. So you take the win.

Following a call, Lucy and Hen take a kid to the hospital, where they are greeted by the woman Lucy saved, who is the trauma surgeon. Buck wonders if she feels any differently about catching her now, but Lucy says that that woman got to live. Doctor or not. Hen wonders how many people they’ve inadvertently saved by saving someone else.

The Buckley-Han Family Can’t Catch a Break

Maddie brings in a crying Jee-Yun to the doctor’s and soon to the emergency room. Maddie fears for the worst since leukemia is in her family. Chimney tries to bring up other options, but being a mother, Maddie is worried.

Chimney and Maddie are worried out of their minds over Jee, and they have a conversation that proves that no parent is perfect. Chimney once slammed a car door on Jee’s hand by accident.

The doctor finally comes out and confirms that it was intussusception (an obstruction of the intestine), and they were able to get the intestine back to where it’s supposed to be without surgery. Jee has a clean bill of health, and it’s all thanks to Maddie bringing her in when she did.

Stop Ahead


A call involving a stop sign, foolishness, and dumb kids leaves Athena in a state of shock. A kid gets run over by a car after trying to steal a stop sign, and Bobby can sense her worry, which she passes off as adrenaline. What really gets to her is that the thief is a kid, a dumb, stupid kid. His friend tells Athena they were collecting signs for a scavenger hunt, and Athena tells him that two people, including his friend, almost died because of him.

“You think because you’re young, you’re invincible? You’re not.”

Athena stayed up all night playing a card game she used to play in her rookie days. She can’t shake the feeling that Harry has the same shoes as the boy who got hit. Bobby tells her that Harry’s a good kid, but even good kids do dumb things. He assures Athena that the boy is going to be okay, and she lets out a massive sigh of relief.

Don’t Go Past the Glass Doors

Buck takes Eddie and Chris to an equine therapy program. An employee takes Chris on a tour, leaving Buck and Eddie to talk it out. Buck tells Eddie about a rule they had at the 118 before he joined. Don’t go past the glass doors. They bring someone to the ER, hand them over, and that’s it. Buck tells Eddie that their job is always to save the person in front of them; they aren’t supposed to know what happens next. That got him thinking about the day Eddie got shot.

That wasn’t even their call since they were only there for the kid, Charlie. Buck wonders if Eddie ever thinks if things had been different if they hadn’t saved him. Eddie says it was the right thing to do. Surprise, surprise, one of the kids on the horses is Charlie. He lives with his aunt and uncle now, and they’ve been bringing him there for the last few months. Charlie looks happy because of the help he needed.

“And that started with you. Whatever happens to him next, you gave him that second chance. Maybe that’s the point.”

Dumb Luck


There were a few calls that were the definition of “dumb luck,” so let’s get to it.

  • A woman falls over her balcony, no thanks to her husband, and Lucy makes a newsworthy save. The woman, who was caught by a sign, once again falls, and Lucy grabs her and pulls her through a window.
    • When the 118 make a drop-off at the hospital later in the episode, Lucy is greeted by no other than the woman, who is a doctor.
  • A guy gets stuck in a charity donation box outside a bowling alley after his keys fall in, and he is stuck in there for hours on end. Not even his car alarm got anyone to notice.
    • Only when the 118 respond to a call at the bowling alley and Hen hears a tapping from inside the box does anyone notice. The guy is fine aside from heatstroke and his car getting towed away hours ago.
  • A woman leisurely riding her bicycle with a sign that says “Share the road” on the back soon finds herself getting hit with a stop sign (that was in the back) after a car passes her and goes over some speedbumps.
    • Two kids steal the stop sign that was just put back up at the intersection it was taken from, and while running from police, one kid runs into the road and gets hit by a car.

Honorable Mention

When Buck was watching Chris, the two of them drew hearts. Chris’ was more like a human heart, which was the assignment, while Buck’s was an adorable heart with a smiley face. Buck didn’t understand the assignment.

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