‘Roswell, New Mexico’: Our Must See Moments for Season 4

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The CW recently announced that season 4 of Roswell, New Mexico will premiere Monday, June 6 and we couldn’t be more excited for the return of our favorite aliens! Season 3 saw some major revelations for our favorite Roswell residents and with so much time to mull over (see: binge watch) the season, we’ve compiled our list of must see items for the upcoming season 4!

Just One Season of Echo Happiness

John Golden Britt / The CW

The thing we want most is the least likely item to happen on this list. A huge plot device of the series thus far is the longing and deep connection between Liz Ortecho and Max Evans. We can’t deny that their love story keeps us coming back for more, but we’d love a season for them to grow together as a couple free of the tension bubbling just under the surface. Let them, as a couple, face down the next big bad rather than pulling away from one another, hurting each other, or leaving for brighter horizons (for a third time, cough Liz cough).

Mystery Man Alex Manes

John Golden Britt / The CW

We all love a little mystery, but Alex’s absence throughout season 3 felt notable compared with the previous seasons. It seemed his joining Deep Sky pulled him into a spiral, literally, that kept him mostly away from the main crew. The final few episodes saw Alex, the radio, and Deep Sky at the heart of the mystery, and hopefully means we’ll be getting much more Alex Manes content in season 4. He’s been a complex and compelling character (and he’s also one-half of one of my favorite ships on television, but I’ll get to that later) who played a huge role until this season. With the big reveals of Deep Sky’s true intent plus his recent reconciliation with a certain alien lover boy, let’s hope season 4 brings us more Manes!

Can Anybody Find Kyle Somebody to Love

John Golden Britt / The CW

Kyle was quite possibly my favorite character of season 3. He took on the hard role of telling everyone like it is, forcing Liz and Max to talk early in the season and clearing the air of all the secrecy surrounding Jones. As a literal alien doctor, Kyle is under an enormous amount of stress trying to treat Maria’s deteriorating brain disorder, save Max from dying (again), and help with solving the various ongoing mysteries on top of his actual duties as a doctor.

Kyle and Isobel’s relationship took an interesting twist around the midseason mark as it became clear Kyle is harboring quite the crush on the kickass alien. However, it’s the world’s worst timing since Isobel is in a newly formed relationship with Anatsa. Ever the amazing guy we know and love, he doesn’t push it and simply continues to support her as her friend. The two have surprising chemistry that we’re not opposed to exploring in season 4 should Anatsa and Isobel not work out. But with Kyle surrounded by several hot and heavy couples, we really hope he can find some happiness in that department throughout the next season. It’s clear he’s pining for Isobel and perhaps feeling the loneliness of singledom more than most. Can Kyle find somebody to love in season 4?

The (New) Pod Squad Exploring Their Powers

John Golen Britt / The CW

Season 3 gave us some huge revelations not only about the Pod Squad’s origins but their individual abilities. Each possesses far more power than we (and they) thought with Michael’s described as “limitless” as the dictator’s son. This implies Max should also be all-powerful as his actual clone. Now that they know more than ever about themselves, they are all perfectly poised to really explore their powers. Is Michael really limitless? Does Max possess all the same power as Jones? Isobel has expanded her powers exponentially since season one, but how much further can she go? Where will Dallas fit into this new story and what will his specialty be?

The sheer amount of exploration available for these characters’ powers is a testament to the excellent storytelling and character growth in season 3.

Maria Defying the Future (but also not dying)

John Golden Britt/The CW

Attempting to defy the future is not a new trope on television, but Roswell approached it in a refreshingly new way through Maria’s visions. We were given all the intrigue of a murder mystery and all the drama (and stress) of trying to defy the future as Maria’s visions give gradually more details as the season went on. Usually, the foreseen future comes to pass, you can’t avoid fate, but that’s not true here. Though it cost Maria many a brain cell, they were able to save Kyle from his would-be funeral.

The execution of Maria’s unwarranted visions provided a compelling side story to the ongoing main plot, and it’s one we hope will return in season 4 (though we’d prefer Liz find a cure for the brain damage it causes sooner rather than later).

Malex Supremacy

John Golden Britt/The CW

“If it were you, I would not cover it up. I would burn the entire world down first.” With a line like that in the first three episodes of season 3, it’s hard to imagine how the writing team will up the ante in season 4, yet I have no doubt they will. Both Alex and Michael spent the better part of season 3 apart but growing independently in their own ways. Michael learned to forgive himself and begin again while Alex explored who he is and wants to be outside of his father’s shadow. Though it was painful to watch them clearly care for each other from afar, it was without a doubt the right move to allow these two characters to reconnect in end and perfectly set up a stronger, deeper relationship in season 4.

Much like Echo, I sincerely hope these two find a little happiness and peace with each other in season 4.

The Return of Our Wizened Wizard: Sanders

Every good story has a wise older character to offer the young heroes some sage advice. Frodo had Gandalf, Harry had Dumbledore, and Michael? Michael has Sanders. The season shined a light on the heartwarming relationship between the grumpy mechanic and Michael. When he’s at a dead-end, it’s Sanders who offers up the very niche fact that vampire bats hunt with infrared that allows Michael to ultimately solve the mystery of Kyle’s radio signal.

With a mind that sharp and the sarcasm to match our sassy cowboy, he simply must be part of the upcoming season. We are politely requesting the return of Sanders unharmed after his brave attempt to fight off Jones and save Michael (the writer’s promised us he was ok and I’m holding them to it!).

Season 4 of Roswell, New Mexico will return Monday, June 6 so keep checking back here for the latest on the show!

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