Recap: ‘Walker’ Season 2, Episode 12 “Common Ground”

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On this week’s episode of Walker, the battle for the Walker and Davidsons land comes to a conclusion, as well as another bombshell twist arrives. Let’s dive in!

The Fire

The episode starts with a flashback on a newscast of Marv’s death and the barn burning down. In the clip, Gale tells the reporter that it wasn’t an accident, and she believes it was the kid next door who started the fire, naming Cordell. The camera pans to see that it’s Cordell watching it, and Liam shuts it off. Cordell asks Liam to look at the proposal for the land contract. Liam wants to cut a deal before the race, but Cordell wants to do it after.

Denise and Dan

At the Davidsons, Dan is seen throwing up as he is hungover from getting drunk. Denise and Dan talk and Denise is mad at Dan for embarrassing her in front of Cassie. Denise tells Dan he needs to go before she gets back home. Gale stops her and says Dan knows about the race and they can’t lose him because he’s the best chance to win. Gale implies to Denise that Cordell tampered with the lantern in the barn on the night Marv died. She tells Denise that the lantern was found and the Walkers have it.

The Race Preparation

Cordell finds Bonham in the stables and is ready to pick a horse for the race. Bonham picks a horse, Chopper, and the horse gets spooked by Cordell, causing Bonham to question what’s off about Cordell. Cordell tells Bonham they should cut a deal with the Davidsons after they win the race, extending an olive branch. Bonham doesn’t agree, saying everything is on the line now. Later, Bonham is trying to coach Cordell on the horse as Cassie arrives trying to help. The horse still doesn’t like Cordell but goes over to Cassie with no problem. Cordell says he’s in his head and his riding is off, so Bonham tells him to go back to the house.

Abeline Visits Marv

Abeline goes to visit Marv’s grave, leaving flowers. She talks to him, telling him she had a dream about him, and in the dream, she can see a bunch of fire. She also talks a bit about her problems with Bonham, letting it out as a sort of therapy.

Denise Questions Augie

At the Side Step, Augie and Stella are hanging out. Denise walks in and asks Augie if he knows where Cordell is and that she’s been trying to reach him. Denise asks Augie if she can ask him questions, and Augie jokes about if he needs a lawyer. Geri is at the bar watching the exchange. Denise begins to question Augie about the lantern that was stolen off of their property. Stella gets up to defend Augie, but Geri steps in, and Denise tells her it’s none of her business. Geri tells Denise when she’s in her place of business and questioning kids who are practically her blood, it is her business. Denise wants to question Augie at the Ranger Station, and Denise refuses to let Geri go with them since she’s not his legal guardian.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

The Race and the Aftermath

Cordell is at the house with Cassie complaining about Bonham when Geri arrives and tells them about Denise taking Augie to the station to question him. Bonham walks in and hears everything. Cordell asks Bonham if he knew about the lantern, and Bonham says it’s buried now. Cordell tells Bonham to tell him truthfully where it’s buried.

Liam arrives at the Side Step to get Stella. Dan and Colton walk in and Stella confronts Colton and says that he didn’t have to sell out Augie to his mom. Colton turns to Dan and says there’s nothing left to fight for because he’ll lose his home in the race, and Dan and Denise are fighting. Liam talks to Dan and asks for his help to get the families to cut a deal.

Cordell arrives at the Ranger station and finds Augie and Denise. Cordell brings Denise the lantern. Cordell tells her how he tried to help her family, but how she is starting a war by involving his child.

At the Davidsons, Dan tells Gale about the deal and how Liam offered 20 acres. Dan says he told Liam that his son doesn’t deserve 20 acres, but deserves the whole plot. He says he wants to show Colton that there’s something still fighting for. Dan says when he wins, he wants the farmhouse.

Bonham is at the stables late and cuts his finger open as Cassie walks in. The two talk about the feud and how long it’s been going on. Bonham tells Cassie when Marv died, he felt relieved because he thought the dispute would get buried with him. She tells him not to let the complications with the Walkers affect his relationship with his own family.

Cordell arrives him to Stella at the table and the two play Blackjack. Cordell tells her they’re all just trying to do what’s best for their families. Bonham walks in, Stella goes to check on Augie. Bonham explains how he kept putting the land dispute off, but Marv was persistent. Then the fire happened, and he won’t forgive himself for thinking he got what he wanted. Bonham says he’s ready to listen to Cordell about a deal, but Cordell tells him that deals are off the table. Bonham offers to help with Chopper.

At the race, each side is getting ready. Colton tells Dan and Gale he doesn’t actually want them to steal the Walkers’ home. Bonham and Abeline finally talk and get along. Geri reads out the rules, and the two sides sign the documents. Cordell addresses his family and says he didn’t realize how much it was home until yesterday. He says he’s going to protect it, and Abeline tells him to be careful because they know Gale will play dirty. Bonham tells him at the fork in the road to go right, even though the left is quicker.

Colton hugs Dan as Cordell and Dan get ready on their horses. Dan trash talks Cordell and the race begins. The two race down the land, each leading at certain points. At the fork, Cordell goes right, while Dan goes left. Dan gets thrown off of his horse after hitting a tree branch, and Cordell stops to help him up. Dan says he didn’t have to come back, and Cordell tells him he saves people for a living, it’s what he does. Dan gets back on the horse, and the two start the race again.

As they’re racing, Cordell sees cop cars speeding down the road. Cassie arrives and tells Bonham that Denise is on her way and Cassie was there to warn him. Denise arrives and says that they examined the lantern, and forensics found Marv’s blood on it, saying that it was a murder weapon. Denise goes to Bonham and tells him he’s under arrest for the murder of Marv.

Cordell sees Bonham get arrested as they approach. Cordell’s saddle snaps and he and the horse go down. Instead of helping Cordell like Cordell helped Dan earlier, Dan just looks at him and finishes the race.

The episode ends with these two incredible bombshells, and it’s going to be really rough for the Walker family for the rest of the season. We can’t wait to see what happens next. Walker airs Thursday nights at 8/7c on The CW.

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