‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 12 “Negative Space”


This week’s episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star was a lot to take in. The firehouse, particularly Marjan, does not take lightly that Owen and Catherine’s possible stalker could be the Deputy from the ice storm saga that nearly killed Owen and murdered someone in front of Marjan. Though when the true culprit is revealed, multiple lives are in danger. Elsewhere, Nancy suffers repercussions after not following through on a DNR.

Keep reading to find out what happened in the newest episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star, “Negative Space.”

Owen and Catherine’s Stalker

Police, the crime unit, the FBI, and the Rangers flood Owen’s house, and Gabriel interviews him and Catherine. Owen brings up the Kerr County deputy after racking Owen’s not-so-short list of who it could be, considering he’s decked multiple people. It seems they have a suspect since Roy Griffin is not in jail. The hearing was a month ago, and they let him go two days later.

The 126 does not take the news very well, and while Owen hands out posters and tells the crew not to engage if they see him, Marjan is fed up. She watched him execute a man like it was nothing. Owen tells them that the best thing they can do is be on their guard.

A Life Not Worth Saving

Kevin Estrada/FOX

Carlos and EMS 126 arrive on the scene of a woman trying to get to her sister inside a house. The sister has a stomach condition. She is found on the floor when they get in and not breathing. Nancy shocks her after a slight hesitation, and when the sister comes to, she is not happy. She shows them her Do Not Resuscitate bracelet.

A guy shows up at the firehouse looking for Nancy and delivers some papers to her. She’s been served. The lady they saved with the DNR is suing her. Nancy and Tommy later meet with a lawyer to go over the suit, and it’s found out that the DNR woman, Joanne, is suing the city, the fire department, and Nancy for a buck each. However, the kicker is that Nancy is fired immediately and cannot be rehired. The lawyer believes they have a path to victory, and that is Joanne’s sister, Angie, never mentioned the DNR. Joanne was wearing long sleeves to cover her bracelet, and since a first responder has to make a reasonable effort to find a DNR, that box has been checked. Nancy, though, has doubts.

Nancy later admits to Tommy that she saw the DNR bracelet, as it slid out from under her sleeve, which could make matters worse. However, Tommy comes up with a plan that won’t involve a trial or resignation.

Making Amends

Kevin Estrada/FOX

Tommy and Nancy meet with Joanne and Angie but Joanne refuses to drop the lawsuit. It’s not so much about Nancy, rather Joanne wants to speak up for people who are suffering. She just wants people to listen.

Angie later comes by the firehouse and tells Tommy and Nancy that Joanne passed away. She reveals that Joanne wanted to drop the lawsuit against Nancy and left her the DNR bracelet. So that on every call it reminds Nancy to listen.

A Dirty Cop

For 80 bucks, Marjan is able to find where Griffin now works, and she and Paul, who had no idea, stalk him at the grocery store. She confronts him, calls him a murderer, then goes into the store, grabs a microphone, and exposes Griffin in front of the entire store as a murderous murderer.

Somehow, Owen found out about Marjan’s little outburst and field trip because he is now retelling her what he already told her about not approaching him. Owen reveals there were two undercover Rangers in the parking lot, watching the place. Gabriel placed a surveillance team there under Owen’s request. They can no longer watch him at work since Griffin got fired. Owen understands Marjan’s frustration but tells her she needs to let law enforcement handle this.

“They couldn’t keep him locked up for murder. You really think anyone’s gonna care that he left a pig head’s in your bed and doused your girlfriend in baking soda?”

While they aren’t sure he did those things, they are confident that Griffin is dangerous and out there. They don’t even know he was thinking about him, but thanks to Marjan, he is now. Marjan says they need to warn Sadie from the Hill Country, who Owen doesn’t quite remember until Marjan reminds him. She is in town for an art show that she invited them to.

Direct Targets

Jordin Althaus/FOX

Owen and Marjan show up at Sadie’s art show to tell her about Griffin, who also happens to be there. Owen tells Griffin he’s trespassing and he needs to leave before he’s taken out with handcuffs. Griffin then tells Marjan she’s lucky there was a blizzard. Otherwise, she would have ended up in a ditch. Owen, rightfully, decks him, and the police arrest Owen.

Gabriel and Owen are once again in the interrogation room, and again, Gabriel isn’t happy with him. Because of Owen, Gabriel has been ordered to pull the surveillance detail off of Griffin. Not only that, but Griffin’s lawyer petitioned an emergency protection from Owen. So Owen’s alleged stalker doesn’t want him to be within 100 feet of him.

“That’s not a good look.”

The 126 respond to a fire at the art gallery, and Marjan cannot get a hold of Sadie. Owen goes inside to find her since she’s been living in an area in the back. He finds her unconscious, and there’s not much time left. Worried for their captain, Paul, Mateo, and Marjan begin to make their way toward the building, much to Judd’s dismay. Before they can go in, Owen comes out with Sadie.

Putting the Pieces Together

Owen, Catherine, T.K., Carlos, Mateo, and Marjan gather together to hang out, and Owen gets the idea from Catherine to look at the Capitol from a different angle. While Catherine will able to get security footage from that day, the FBI has already combed through it. Owen figures they may have missed something, but there are dozens of hours of footage. T.K. mentions that they know someone who’s just become an expert at scanning through footage, and Carlos reluctantly agrees, as long as T.K. helps.

Screwed Up Notion of a Date Night

Thanks to Gabriel not-so-subtly giving Owen Griffin’s address, Owen drops Sadie off at Carlos and T.K.’s for some police protection while he and Catherine stake out Griffin’s house.

While the two are watching Griffin’s house, their suspect enters Owen’s car. However, all he does is take pictures of him and Catherine to send to the APD. He leaves to celebrate Owen disobeying the restraining order, but it explodes when Griffin opens his car door.

The True Criminal

Jordin Althaus/FOX

T.K. comes back to the loft with plenty of food, and Sadie insists on helping him. Carlos and T.K. eat pho and comb through more security footage as Sadie is just watching them. T.K. gets up and leaves the room, and Carlos spots something on the footage.

In what is perhaps my favorite scene in the episode, Carlos shows Sadie the footage of her coming out of the Capitol, and she tells him her plan. Sadie asks if he believes in destiny, if he and T.K. are destined to be together. She can tell that T.K. is the one Carlos is supposed to be with and that the other place that was supposed to burn down had to burn down. That’s the same with her and Owen. They are meant to be together. Sadie, a true nutjob, believes she is destined to be with Owen. She was behind everything; she broke into Owen’s home, set fire to the gallery, and put herself in danger because she knew Owen would save her.

A realization hits Carlos, and he asks where T.K. is. He gets up to find him, but he starts collapsing, and Sadie confesses to putting 70mg of oxy in the soup. The last thing Carlos sees before passing out is his boyfriend on the ground, and he calls out his name.

The Things We Do for Love

Jordin Althaus/FOX

Owen talks to Gabriel on the phone, telling him about what happened. Coincidentally, Gabriel just got security footage from the art gallery and tells Owen that Griffin isn’t his stalker.

Meanwhile, Marjan shows up at the Tarloft, surprised to see neither T.K. nor Carlos there but Sadie. Sadie tells her that the couple took over something to Gabriel after finding something that could tie everything to Griffin. Marjan walks in, sensing that something could be wrong and not believing Sadie’s story. She hears a phone ringing and slightly opens the door to the bedroom, seeing an unconscious Carlos on the ground. Sadie literally stabs Marjan in her back, but Marjan fights back and knocks out Sadie before passing out herself.

Gabriel arrests Sadie as Owen and Marjan glare at her, and Catherine watches Carlos and T.K., now awake and upset, in their room.

The Aftermath

T.K. swings by the firehouse, telling Tommy and Nancy he had to get out of the house. Carlos is resting at home, but T.K. wanted to be out instead of spinning out about the fact that he’s back to Day One of his sobriety. Noticing that T.K. didn’t want to talk about it much, Tommy puts him to work on inventory.

Owen visits Marjan in the hospital, and to no one’s surprise, Marjan is up and not resting. Courtesy of Gabriel, Owen hands Marjan the Texas Rangers’ file on Sadie. It turns out the ex-husband Sadie ran from is real and decapitated, as they found his severed head in her freezer. Owen then visits Griffin, still alive but pretty burned. He can’t understand how Griffin skated from that murder charge, but it all came together after his car blew up. He made a deal with the FBI to turn on the cartel. Griffin asks why he bothered to put out those flames after all that he did.

“Because it’s my job.”

And because those third-degree burns are going to be karma enough.

Owen’s Decks

Jordin Althaus/FOX

After Owen has punched someone yet again in the latest episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star, we here at Nerds and Beyond will be keeping score every time he does because it’s a boost of serotonin.

Number of decks for season 3 so far: 4 (Griffin, O’Brien, guy at bar, Griffin)

9-1-1: Lone Star is off next week but will be back on FOX on Monday, April 11 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Stay tuned for our continued coverage on the series, including episodic recaps and more!

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