‘Naomi’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 8 “The Fellowship of the Disc”


In “The Fellowship of the Disc,” Jacob and Naomi team up to find an extraterrestrial threat while Jennifer and Greg contemplate moving. Zumbado and Dee are forced to settle their differences while Anthony, Nathan, and Lourdes get to know each other better. Find out what happened in Naomi season 1, episode 8!

My Best Friend’s Boyfriend … And Girlfriend

Danny Delgado/The CW

Nathan and Anthony meet up with Lourdes for the school’s community service day. They think they will get off easy at the comic book store since they know her, but turns out Lourdes prickly towards them. They theorize she is getting her revenge for Nathan being with Naomi. Anthony tries to protest that he has also been friend zoned, but it doesn’t work. She tells them they will be organizing the entire store.

They find Lourdes’ personal collection of comics, which she is planning on selling. It turns out she’s been selling her favorite comics to keep the store afloat. The duo decides to help her. They host an event in the store for Lord of the Rings trivia to raise money, and Lourdes rejects it. She points out that Lord of the Rings has nothing to do with comics (which is, hilariously, news to Anthony.) They claim they were just trying to help, but Lourdes tells them she doesn’t want or need their pity before kicking them out. In the end, they leave her the money they managed to raise. She finds them at Naomi’s party, and she apologizes for being angry with them. They also apologize for not asking her before throwing the party at the store.

Fight Club

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Dee and Naomi continue training, but now Zumbado wants to be involved. They don’t see eye to eye as Naomi tries to play peacemaker between them. Zumbado wants Naomi to train with her powers while Dee points out that if she does use them, it will be easier to track her. Naomi doesn’t want to put anyone in danger by using her powers, but Zumbado tells her she (and they) are in danger either way.

Zumbado asks Naomi to meet him for a separate training session. He acknowledges that Dee’s training is helpful, but it’s not the only training she needs. He wants to see if she can fly. She doesn’t feel ready, but Zumbado says with his help, she will be.

Dee and Zumbado talk, with Zumbado telling Dee he’s being naïve. His approach is fine if they had more time, but they don’t. Zumbado wants to accelerate her power development. Dee is worried that Naomi’s emotions are still too fragile and could cause an uncontrolled explosion of power that would hurt someone she loves. Zumbado says this fight is bigger than that now.

Late that night, Zumbado proposes they end their stalemate by fighting hand to hand. Whoever wins will decided the direction of Naomi’s training. it’s supposed to be a no-powers affair, but Zumbado uses his. Dee accuses him of breaking the rules, and Zumbado says Naomi’s enemies have no honor or code. Why is Dee training her like they do?

Dee tells Zumbado that they need to work together to help Naomi. If they can’t keep her in balance, she won’t be able to use her powers effectively. Zumbado agrees, and it appears they have called a truce.

E.T. Phone Home

Danny Delgado/The CW

Nathan, Naomi, Jacob, and Annabelle are playing mini-golf (badly, in Nathan’s case). But Naomi’s powers overwhelm her, even as she tries to hide it. At home, she cooks the perfect French breakfast complete with flags to celebrate Jennifer and Greg’s 20th anniversary. They appreciate the effort, but they’re planning on cancelling their big party. It comes out that Naomi’s parents are trying to be more careful and draw less attention. Naomi urges them not to cancel because of her, and they compromise with a small event. Naomi’s super hearing comes in handy again as she hears her parents discuss potentially moving out of Port Oswego.

Annabelle takes that news as well as you might expect, but Naomi wonders if maybe it would be safer for everyone around her if she left. Naomi is worried about Brutus coming after her and the people she loves, but Annabelle is confident Naomi could win. That night while Greg and Jennifer are out on their anniversary trip, Naomi finds that someone broke into her bedroom and stole the disc.

Naomi doesn’t tell her parents about the stolen disc … but she also doesn’t tell Dee and Zumbado. She worries about bringing them into this mess as Jacob overhears. He explains that he subscribes to an alien hunting magazine (of COURSE he does). That magazine published information suggesting that an explosion at STAR Labs was the result of alien activity. While he doesn’t suspect Naomi, he eagerly wants to help with what he assumes is their alien hunt. He casually mentions that he’s been working on a prototype machine to detect aliens as Naomi is called away to meet with Zumbado.

Danny Delgado/The CW

That night, Naomi goes back to the ruins of STAR Labs by herself. She’s interrupted by Jacob, who apparently had the same idea. Jacob is absolutely delighted to have a partner in crime. They find Dr. Bell’s hard drive and are about to leave, but a falling beam nearly hits Jacob. Naomi saves him, revealing her powers.

He immediately turns into an excited, adorable nerd, following Naomi around school and asking a million questions. Naomi asks Jacob not to tell Annabelle he knows, and Jacob is such a terrible liar it hurts. Annabelle suspects something is going on.

Jacob and Naomi work together to enhance is prototype to allow them to track aliens. Jacob shocked to learn that there are even MORE aliens in town when it actually works. They head to a storage unit that supposedly has alien energy to find the disc. They realize the storage unit is actually owned by Naomi’s parents and is full of Naomi’s baby items. It also contains a “go bag” full of cash and fake passports, which Naomi is not expecting.

Danny Delgado/The CW

Naomi confronts them, and they explain that they’ve always had a version of the bag since she was a baby in case they needed to go on the run. Naomi hates that they’ve lived in fear because of her, but they reassure her that they love her and this is not a burden to them.

Annabelle finds out about Jacob and Naomi’s extracurricular activities. Naomi tries to tell Annabelle that she just didn’t want to put Annabelle in danger, but Annabelle counters that that’s not her call to make. Later, at her parents’ party, Jacob hints to Naomi that she should try to make up with Annabelle through a dorky Lord of the Rings reference. Annabelle comes to the party, and they make up. But Jacob has bad news: the alien energy they are looking for is at Naomi’s house right now, which means one of the party guests is a secret alien. As they wonder who it could be, the military arrives at STAR Labs.

Naomi airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. You can find out other coverage of the series here.

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