Review: ‘Life & Beth’ Is a Series You Need to Watch Immediately

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In this short 10-episode series on Hulu, Amy Schumer takes you through a journey you didn’t see coming. When you think of Schumer, you think of her comedy, having been in films such as Trainwreck as well as being a well-known stand-up comedian. However, Life & Beth is a somber look at getting older, tragedy, childhood trauma, and the journey of finding yourself that makes this series one that you’ll want to watch immediately.

Created by, written by, and starring Amy Schumer, she’s easily relatable as Beth. Her performance speaks volumes as her character goes through a difficult period of her life, and the way she makes herself so vulnerable really takes you on the journey with Beth. Her incredible dedication to this story, the character, and bringing this to life is evident on screen. Schumer really shows her dedication as an actor, and this is easily a standout role of hers.

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Michael Cera is the perfect balance as John, who instantly makes you fall in love with him, much like Beth. Cera’s little nuances and quick replies are so completely Cera, and he really shines in this role. There are bits of softness that he easily communicates even without words, in a way only Cera can do. It’s a step away from Cera’s usual comedic roles as well, and he continues to show what a versatile, well-rounded actor he truly is. In particular, there’s a scene in the woods with Schumer and Cera, and they both truly nail it. Schumer’s fear, her vulnerability, her panic, along with Cera’s confusion and feeling of helplessness of what to do … it’s such a profound scene, and truly a masterpiece. There’s also the scene at the boat with the two of them, and the tension is so palpable, with their contrast of emotions playing so well on the screen. The way Cera and Schumer bounce off of each other really brings their relationship to life.

Violet Young, who plays young Beth, is equally as stunning as a performer as Schumer. She really tells the story of Beth’s childhood with vulnerability and grace, and the story works well because of Young and Schumer’s dynamic from younger to older Beth.

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Susannah Flood as Ann is so lovely and fun but brings enough wisdom to really set Beth straight sometimes. Kevin Kane as Matt is so great, especially when Schumer’s Beth confronts him about their apartment. Lavar Walker, Yamaneika Saunders, and Murray Hill are fun and bring some much-needed comedic moments at times. The whole cast is truly fantastic.

Overall, I really adore this series. It’s an interesting look at childhood trauma, how that carries into your life as you grow up, and finding yourself and what makes you happy in the end. It was written so well that I couldn’t wait to see what happened next and binged it as quickly as I could. It’s definitely a series that you need to add to your watch list.

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