Monday, January 30, 2023

Michael Giacchino to Direct Marvel’s Halloween Special

TELEVISIONDISNEY+Michael Giacchino to Direct Marvel's Halloween Special

In a rare move for the television and film industry, famed composer Michael Giacchino will move from the recording studio to behind the camera to direct Marvel Studio’s Halloween Special according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Giacchino has become the go-to composer for the comic book genre, previously composing scores for Doctor Strange, all three of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man trilogy, and most recently Matt Reeves’ The Batman. While this will be Giacchino’s first time directing for Marvel, he has directed a couple of other short projects in the past.

While details on Marvel’s Halloween Special are scarce, it is believed the story will center on the 1970s-introduced character Werewolf By Night who has sparred with the likes of Moon Knight, who will also be making his Marvel debut this year. Gael Garcia Bernal and Laura Donnelly are starring in the one-hour short, with the common belief that Bernal will bring the werewolf character to screen.

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In recent years, Marvel has rebranded the Werewolf By Night to be a character of Native American descent, who is able to learn to control his body-changing thanks to the help of music. With this information, it certainly makes sense that Giacchino will take the helm for this project.

Production on the special is set to begin later this month.

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