Recap: ‘Walker’ Season 2, Episode 11 “Boundaries”

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On this week’s episode of Walker, tensions run high between the Davidsons and Walkers. We also see what happens after the events of the last episode with Cordell and Geri. Let’s dive in!

Cordell and Geri

The episode begins with Cordell and Geri waking up, and Cordell goes right into asking her what they are. Geri pumps the breaks a bit, saying it just started and the two agree to come up with a safe word — “Dolly” — to let each other know when it’s too much or they’re uncomfortable.

Later, Cordell and Geri arrive at the Side Step. Cordell asks Geri to tell the family at dinner about them, and Geri says “Dolly”. The two go to kiss, and Trey sees them. Geri gets out of the truck and goes in, where Trey talks to her about relationships and giving it a chance.

Stella, Colton, and Todd

Stella is driving and runs into Colton who is running. Colton is standoffish to Stella and tells her what Augie said about Todd being a fling. Stella gets upset and asks why it bothers him, and Colton asks her if she really doesn’t know why, before running the opposite way.

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The Walker and Davidsons Land

Liam brings up the maps that he had previously pulled to Cordell, Bonham, and Abeline, and Bonham gets angry. Bonham says he’ll call his lawyer and sort it out.

A flashback occurs from Gale and Abeline’s talk, and Abeline tells Gale she doesn’t want to make things more painful and doesn’t want to tell Gale. Gale storms off.

Another flashback with Bonham and Marv happens from 1995, and the two discuss the land dispute. Marv shows Bonham the paperwork, but Bonham says the family has run a ranch on this land for years. The two argue, and Marv said he doesn’t want to hide behind suits, and “how about a little give and take.”

Bonham finds the lantern and asks Augie about it. Stella rats him out about how he got it. Augie yells at Stella about it, and Stella yells at Augie about Colton. Cordell walks in and breaks it up, and the two tell Cordell what happened. Stella also tells Cordell that she’s happy he’s getting back out there and dating. Geri arrives for dinner, and Geri pulls Cordell aside later and tells him she’s ready to make it real.

Liam brings up the deeds again, and him and Bonham get into a fight about it again. Bonham brings up the lantern to Cordell, and Cordell gets a text from Denise that they want to meet with them.

They all meet at the Side Step, and the land dispute is mentioned. Neither wants to go to court, so Bonham brings up the “give and take” contract that he and Marv had, but was never fulfilled. A race of horses, and whoever wins, takes all the land.

Bonham and Gale shake on it, and Denise and Liam create the contract. Denise also tells Liam she’s having her office reopen her father’s wrongful death case.

Abeline and Bonham talk later, and she shares what she and Marv talked about. Marv and Gale had another child, who everyone thought had died. However, Marv gave the child away, because he was worried about expenses since the baby had a medical condition. She told Marv he needed to tell Gale, but she’s unsure if he ever did. Bonham asks if that’s why Marv came to him about the land back then, why he suddenly needed money.

Cordell and Geri talk later by the stables, and she tells him she’s pretty sure everyone already knows about them. Geri goes inside the barn and sees Bonham. Bonham says it was nice seeing her and Cordell getting close. Geri tells him she admires his cowboy spirit, and how it reminds her of her dad.

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Denise and Dan

Denise is still stewing on the fact that Dan was involved with Serano. She’s cold to Dan when he asks her what food she wants to eat, though he doesn’t pick up on what could be wrong. Gale walks in, and Denise tells her she’s suspicious of why he killed the intruder on Liam, instead of just shooting him in the leg. Gale sees Colton eavesdropping in the hallway. Gale also tells Denise that Abeline and Marv spoke before his death and that if Cordell didn’t leave the lantern in the barn, Marv would still be alive.

Colton later asks Gale about the lantern and says that August has the lantern. Gale tells him if she took that lantern to the authorities, the Walkers might get theirs. Colton tells her he might be able to get it.

Dan and Denise get into an argument, and Denise tells him she knows he was involved in the Serano surveillance footage. Denise tells Dan to get out.

Colton later texts Augie about the lantern, asking for it, and Stella sees it.

Later, Stella tells Augie that she thinks she and Todd are getting serious.


Cassie and Cordell meet up to go rock climbing, and she tells Cordell how Denise canceled her meeting with her.

Cassie finds Dan drunk at the Side Step on top of his truck. She helps him off the trunk and drives him home. Denise comes out and during their convo, asks Cassie to be discreet about this.

The episode ends with Bonham walking away from the stables, and we’re left with the worry of what’s to come next from Walker. Walker airs Thursday nights at 8/7c on The CW.

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