Recap: ‘Walker’ Season 2, Episode 10 “Nudge”


In tonight’s episode of Walker, we’re introduced to Cordell’s new partner, Cassie, Liam, and Trey team up, and something big happens at the end of the episode! Let’s dive into the recap for season 2, episode 10 “Nudge”!

Liam and Trey’s Adventure

The episode begins with Cordell, Liam, and Trey having lunch, and Liam tells Trey that he’s inquiring about property records between the Walkers and the Davidsons. Trey offers to help Liam, who doesn’t want to bump into any former co-workers to get them.

Trey gets the property records, and later Liam and Trey arrive on horseback at their properties. Bonham’s original map shows the property line ends far away, but the county line ends closer. Liam says he’s not sure what one is real, and that the Walkers might be living on the Davidson’s land.

The Search for a Partner

At the Ranger Station, Cordell paces outside of Captain James’ office, wondering how the new Ranger search is going. Captain James tells Cordell about a case of someone who is posing as a missing Ranger, Miles, from Dallas. Cordell takes the case solo and sets off to look for him.

Cordell looks down an alley and sees a car stopped with the car he’s looking for. As he approaches, a woman stops him, aiming a taser at him. She tells him to pop the trunk, and Cordell tries to tell her he’s a Texas Ranger. She says maybe he’s not a Ranger, due to the fact that he stepped out of a stolen car. She tases him, and puts him in the back of the trunk, saying she has questions. She drives the car and speeds erratically, asking him about the uniform, where he got it, etc. Cordell tries to tell her he’s in fact a Texas Ranger. She finally tells him he’s an imposter who kidnapped her partner. Cordell pulls the e-brake from the trunk. She calls Captain James, and lets on that she’s Ranger Cassie Perez, who is on leave from Dallas. She confirms that Cordell is in fact a Ranger, the one in the trunk.

Cordell and Cassie banter and an officer arrives and tells Cordell and Cassie to get on the ground and that he’s located the stolen vehicle. The officer doesn’t believe that Cordell is a Ranger, either. Cassie and Cordell end up in Captain James’ office, and Captain James defends Cassie. Cassie tells him that she didn’t feel supported and that her partner, Miles, was kidnapped in the line of duty. She believes he’s alive and too much doesn’t add up. Larry asks Cassie to help Cordell and partner together. Cordell visibly disagrees, but she says it’s personal and asks him what would make him a good partner on this, and she doesn’t work with people she doesn’t trust.

Larry tries to convince Cordell about Cassie, and the two bring up their “partner rules” they made back when they were partners and couldn’t stop fighting. Larry also tells Cordell that Cassie has what it takes to “force a moose like you,” (we see you, Supernatural reference) into the trunk of a car. Larry says Cordell needs to meet her halfway.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Cassie arrives at the Walker Ranch, under the guise that she’s inquiring about the ranch hand position. They run into Liam, and Cassie asks about Cordell. Abeline catches on quickly, asking who she is. Cordell and Geri arrive at the ranch and Cordell sees Cassie is there staying for dinner. Cordell asks her to talk, and the two argue again before Cordell figures out Cassie does want to be his partner. Cordell gets a text that there’s a tracker inside the car that was stolen, and the two figure out it was there so the suspect could follow it to the warehouse.

At the warehouse, the suspect is stealing a lot of valuables there. Cassie and Cordell hear noises, and check it out. The suspect tries to flee, almost hitting Cordell with the car in the process. The car flips trying to escape, and Cassie goes after it. The suspect points a gun at her before she’s able to hit it away. The two fight and Cordell comes in and tells her not to do something she’s going to regret, and that this isn’t what Miles would want. Cassie lets the suspect go, and backup arrives to arrest him.

Cassie and Cordell talk and Cassie tells him she doesn’t carry. Six months ago, with Miles’ last and her case, she was jumped and they took her weapon. Later, two bullet cases were found from her gun where Miles last went missing. Since then, she doesn’t want to carry a gun anymore. The two have a good talk, Cordell tells her he knows what it’s like chasing ghosts, and it’s best to not do it alone.

At the station, Cassie arrives at Captain James’ office. He thanks her for helping, and offers her a Ranger badge. He said they both know she won’t stop looking for Miles, and if she chooses to accept the badge, she’d be under his command. Larry says she reminds him of his old partner (Cordell), and that he’s the best Ranger that he’s got, and he sees that in her.

Outside, Cassie comes out as Cordell is looking at his phone. She shows Cordell the badge she accepted. The two joke about partners, like “Yoda and Luke”. Cassie says the last time she saw Miles, they got into an argument over something stupid. That you talk to people all the time, but you never know when it will be the last time. She brings up Cordell and Geri, and Cordell says it’s complicated. Cassie says that it’s always complicated, but that to jump in the deep end. They agree for no secrets in their partnership, as he gets in his truck and drives away.

The Concert

Augie, Stella, Colton, Faye, and Todd are all hanging out, talking about a concert that’s happening, but the tickets are sold out. Todd says he can probably get them all tickets, that his Uncle can get them in. Todd doesn’t show up at the venue for the concert and isn’t answering the phone. Augie pulls Colton aside and tells him that Todd is the first guy after Trevor, and Augie thinks he’s a fling, and let it run its course. Stella wants to go see Todd, and Colton offers to drive her.

Stella arrives at Todd’s house, and he says he lost track of time. Todd says his mom had to work late and he’s helping his little brother study to try and pass a test. Stella asks if she can help, and she gets the tickets and tells Colton to go, and she’s going to stay to help.

After they’re done, Todd’s brother asks Stella to come back sometime to hang out. Stella tells Todd she’s never seen him like this before, and Stella kisses him.

Abeline and Gale

Abeline is at a local farmers market where she runs into Gale. Gale’s buying ingredients for the chili for the Side Step. Abeline tells Gale about Colton spending time at the ranch, and how she taught Colton and Augie the song Marv used to sing. Gale gets very angry, saying Abeline always oversteps and talks about her dead husband, however, we find out she didn’t actually lash out at her. Instead, she’ says “It’s fine,” and walks away.

Gale later shows up at the Walker Ranch, and she tells Abeline it takes a lot for her to come there. Gale says she’s been thinking a lot about the past. She said she knows Marv came to see Abeline, and Abeline invites her in.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Geri and The Side Step

Gale arrives at The Side Step to Geri talking to a small group of people (a support group, possibly) about Hoyt’s death. Gale talks a bit about losing Marv, and Geri invites her to join them, but Gale politely passes.

Cordell arrives at the Side Step, where he talks to Geri about Cassie. Geri talks some sense into Cordell, saying he said he did the same thing to Stan that Cassie did to Cordell. Cordell tells Geri she always knows what to say.

Cordell later arrives at Geri’s house, and he’s nervous. He says there’s something there with them. He’s been thinking all they’ve been through, and she grabs his hand to calm him. Geri reaches out and kisses Cordell, and the two go into Geri’s house.

So much happened this episode — between the introduction of Cassie, Abeline, and Gale, the property line issues.. and Cordell finally telling Geri how he felt! We can’t wait to see what happens!

Walker airs Thursday nights on The CW at 8/7c.

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