‘Naomi’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 6 “Homecoming”

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In this week’s episode of Naomi, our titular heroine somehow has time to plan Homecoming while getting a crash course in quantum physics and fighting off a possibly evil alien. You know, typical teenage hijinks! Nathan and Anthony attempt to find common ground that doesn’t involve pining over Naomi while Dee searches for his lost love. Find out what happened as Naomi discovers a shocking truth about her origins in “Homecoming”!

School Spirit, Let’s Hear It

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Homecoming 2022 has arrived, and of course, Naomi is the head of the planning committee (does this girl SLEEP?) Nathan’s soccer team is currently in the lead for fundraising, and when Anthony makes a lighthearted joke that the Architecture Club is coming for the lead, Nathan takes it seriously.

Later, Nathan picks Naomi up from her “boxing lesson” with Dee. Nathan cheerfully jokes with Dee, unaware he’s being evaluated by a protective Dee in an adorable and funny moment. Nathan and Naomi talk about moving around a lot as kids, with Nathan viewing it as a positive experience while Naomi wishes she had somewhere to put down roots.

The next day, someone vandalizes the Homecoming float Anthony was building, and Anthony immediately thinks Nathan is responsible given his attitude towards Port Oswego (and Anthony). They fight, and both are given detention. In detention, both trade barbs about townies vs. army brats. They admit they don’t know much about each other, and Nathan insists he wasn’t the one to vandalize the float. The two decide to investigate together, and they bond before realizing Esme is the one responsible. They are about to confront her before realizing she is under a lot of pressure from her principal father, and both decide to let bygones be bygones.

Loving The Alien

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During their session together, Dee tells Naomi he believes Qyeala may still be alive. He’s taking a few days off to investigate more. Dee makes his way to the coolest secret alien bar EVER, where other aliens on Earth gather to find community after being stranded. He’s there to meet fellow alien Adam, who is helping Dee track the mercenary who has Qyeala on his list. Dee shares with Adam that he and Qyeala once made plans to leave the army together. He left for Port Oswego first, and she was supposed to meet him there but never made it. Everyone assumed she was dead. But Dee has stayed in Port Oswego in case Qyeala ever came back, never giving up hope that she could still be alive.

At the bar, Dee goes to Lux, who Adam thinks has information on Qyeala. Lux claims ignorance, but Dee spots a ring on his necklace that belonged to her. He forces Lux to look at the matching ring around Dee’s own neck, noting they are the only two in existence. Lux claims that a few years ago, he and Qyeala were involved on a conflict on another planet. While Lux survived, Qyeala was killed, and Lux took the ring to remind himself how close he came to death. Dee realizes this must be the truth, because otherwise Qyeala would have tried to find him.

Lux returns with some goons to get revenge, and Adam and Dee fight them off as the bartender reminds them to fight only with “human skills” and not alien powers (please give me a spin-off set at the alien bar immediately.) He takes back Qyeala’s ring. Back at his shop, Dee places both rings inside a box with other items reminding him of Qyeala, mourning her loss.

Lab Rats

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Naomi and Annabelle talk about Homecoming, with Naomi wishing she knew more about her real hometown outside of this galaxy. Naomi thinks Zumbado is the key to finding out more even as everyone in her life wants her to stay away from him.

Naomi and Annabelle head back to the warehouse for clues. Naomi discovers she has X-ray vision, a new power that delights Annabelle. Naomi finds a secret room, and inside, there’s a broken piece of a spaceship. Naomi wants to take one part of the spaceship to physicist Dr. Bell to analyze, despite the risks.

She pretends to be part of STAR Labs’ college internship program to get into the lab, planning on passing off her spaceship discovery as an accidental find in the woods. This plan crumbles in about two seconds flat when Dr. Bell clocks Naomi as being 16, and Naomi reveals she has an object she thinks isn’t from Earth. She doesn’t reveal her alien origins, but Naomi’s flimsy excuse that it’s for a school project gives Dr. Bell enough information to put the truth together.

Dr. Bell reveals that she has met other aliens, with her work on string theory proving that life exists on other planets. She reveals that she scanned Naomi when she entered the lab, and with a push of a button, she helps Naomi focus her powers. This leads Naomi to trust her, and she asks Dr. Bell to help her find Earth-29.

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Meanwhile, Zumbado arrives unannounced to talk to Greg and Jennifer. He claims someone is after Naomi and that staying in Port Oswego puts all the aliens, not just Naomi, in danger. Greg says they don’t answer to Zumbado, but it’s clear both are rattled by the encounter.

Dr. Bell finds that Naomi isn’t just from another planet: she’s from another universe entirely, since the spaceship piece is from another part of the multiverse. The only way to pinpoint exactly where is by using a prototype that was stolen … by Zumbado.

Nathan Bolster/The CW

On her way home, Naomi is stopped by Zumbado. He claims not everything she’s heard about him is the truth, and he says he hasn’t told her everything about her past because he feels she’s not mature enough to handle it. Zumbado warns her that Dr. Bell isn’t trustworthy and that the device has the capability of destroying their planet, which is why he stole it. Naomi says she doesn’t believe him and that she’ll take the device if she has to. Naomi tries to use her powers, but Zumbado easily fends off her attempts. He calls her a disappointment before leaving.

Naomi’s parents give her a scrapbook of their time overseas, hoping to help her feel grounded. But Dr. Bell texts with an urgent update. When Naomi makes her way to STAR Labs, Dr. Bell reveals she no longer needs the device to find Naomi’s planet. In fact, she’s not trying to find Naomi’s planet at all. She wants to travel across the multiverse, and Naomi is the energy source she needs. She starts pulling the energy from Naomi, who collapses.

But Zumbado breaks down the door and saves her, apologizing for not telling her the truth sooner. He carries her out of the lab as Dr. Bell looks on.

Naomi airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. You can find out other coverage of the series here.

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