Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Emma Fitzpatrick and Tyler James to Perform Two Stageit Shows on March 8

If you miss concerts, we have good news for you!

Emma Fitzpatrick and Tyler James announced they will perform two shows called “Pisces Party Show Extravaganza.” Both shows will take place on March 8. The first show is scheduled for 12 pm PST and the late show for 4 pm PST:

Let’s catch up! So many things to celebrate and sing about 🙂 It’s Emma’s birthday MONTH and she likes to party whenever physically possible. Come hang with us for a ditty.

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Emma and Tyler already shared the prices for the top tippers. The two top tippers will get a Zoom call with Emma and Tyler.

You can buy tickets for both shows here. Fans can also request rides from other attendees. Tickets, tips, and rides count towards top supporter.

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