‘Naomi’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 4 “Enigma”


In this week’s episode of Naomi, Dee continues to be the best guardian angel (alien?) a teenage girl could ask for as Naomi and her parents deal with the fallout of her alien origins. But is Dee hiding something? And will the military find Naomi? Read on to find out what happened in “Enigma”!

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The gang is upset that class president Esme has gotten rid of their favorite vending machine snacks in favor of healthy options. The entire school begs Naomi to run against Esme in a recall election, and while she declines at first, she can’t say no for long. Nathan finds Naomi hiding from a campaign event and calls her out for being reluctant to run. He tells her she needs to trust what she feels no matter what the others think. She asks how he’s always so sure of himself, and he laughs, saying he’s only sure about one thing. He stares at Naomi pointedly as Jacob and Annabelle interrupt. At the debate between Naomi and Esme, Naomi gives a speech that gets the audience on her side. The next day, Naomi goes to Nathan on the soccer field. She shares that she decided to drop out of the race after all, and kisses Nathan.

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Naomi goes to Zumbado looking for her disk. He once again tries to dissuade her by telling her she doesn’t know what’s going on, but he ultimately gives it to her. She questions why he would give it to her for nothing, and he cryptically tells her not to believe everything she thinks. A man arrives in Zumbado’s showroom looking for something with a strange device as a suspicious Zumbado turns him away. Naomi inspects the disc Zumbado gave her at home, shocked when it begins to glow like the stone she was found on. She realizes the numbers on the disc are in binary code, and Naomi shares it with Jacob and Annabelle. She enlists Jacob’s help, and the gang goes after a Turing machine to crack the code. Jacob remembers seeing one in an escape room, so everyone heads out to play the game and find the machine.

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Using the machine to break the code, they find that it has coordinates and a description of a blonde woman with blue eyes. The location is in Portland, and Naomi is determined to go there to find her. In Portland, Naomi finds the blonde blue eyed woman, who bolts when Naomi comes near. It’s Akira, and she asks if Zumbado sent Naomi. Akira says Zumbado ruined Earth-29 and reveals it’s the planet they’re both from. Akira tells her it was beautiful and covered in light before realizing Naomi could only have found her with the disc. She reveals the disc was to help “them” find each other, but refuses to tell Naomi anything else: the less she knows, the safer she is. In the blink of an eye, she vanishes.

Buried Secrets, Buried Emotions

The episode opens with how Greg and Jennifer met as Greg begins to explain her origins to her. After seeing their meet cute and their wedding, we see the two on a hike in the woods that ends with them witnessing Naomi’s crash. Looking for survivors, they find baby Naomi alone in the woods. Jennifer cradles Naomi in her arms.

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In the present, Jennifer, Greg, and Naomi are in the woods at the spot where they found her. Naomi is upset they never told her, and Greg reveals they also had no idea about Naomi’s origins. He even tried using his government contacts to find out more, but he came up with nothing. Naomi is worried she was abandoned by her birth parents, but Greg reassures her that thy have no idea why her parents left her on Earth and that she shouldn’t assume the worst. Naomi tells her parents everything and seemingly forgives them, despite Annabelle telling her it’s okay to be angry if she needs to.

But Naomi wants everything to go back to normal. At work, Greg arrives to find that the blackout (caused by Naomi messing with the disc) created an interdimensional crack. The military wants to find out where it originated, and Greg realizes it must be related to Naomi.

At the base, they zero in on the mysterious signal: it’s the disc in the woods. Greg goes there alone and sees the device the mysterious visitor at Zumbado’s was using to look for the disc. He realizes someone is looking for Naomi.


Naomi keeps training with Dee and accidentally punches a hole in the wall. Dee suggests meditation training to help her keep her emotions in check. Naomi confides that her parents knew about her alien status all along as Dee quietly remarks that that sounds painful. Naomi tells him her parents want to meet him for dinner, and he deflects by focusing on Naomi’s pain at being left on Earth. He tells her the situation must be bad on her home planet for her parents to give her up and that he thinks she’s special.

Despite his shyness, Dee shows up for family dinner to support Naomi, with Naomi teasing her mother for making chicken when Dee has wings (Jennifer’s panicked face is hilarious). Dee is quick to reassure Jennifer, wanting to put Naomi’s parents at ease. They discuss her training, with Greg clearly on the offensive from the jump and poking at Dee’s past. But instead of being rattled, Dee simply confirms Greg’s suspicion that he did indeed leave Earth and come back sometime in 2012. Naomi wants to know more, but Dee doesn’t want to discuss what happened. Dee asks Greg and Jennifer if there was light coming from the rock when they found Naomi, and both say no (a lie, given what we saw in the flashback). He specifically asks if they saw anyone there, and both say no. Greg grumbles about Dee telling Naomi the truth before they had the chance as Dee coolly replies, “You only had 16 years” (touché). The lights flicker, and Dee gets up to leave.

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The morning after their dinner with Dee, Greg and Jennifer want to have a “Dee-brief” about what happened (terrible Dad pun for the win). At first, Naomi says she’s fine. But she pauses, then tells her parents she thinks they were too hard on Dee. Greg apologizes, but presses Naomi on how much she really knows about Dee (Oh Greg, the irony). A crack appears in Naomi’s forgiving façade as she goes to leave, and her parents notice. Both Greg and Jennifer stop her. Greg tells her it’s okay for her to be upset after everything she’s found out, but Naomi insists she’s just fine.

Dee picks Naomi up from Portland when Naomi calls. Dee makes an explicit connection between Naomi’s refusal to experience her emotions and her inability to control how her powers manifest and encourages her to be honest with herself. At school, the man from Zumbado’s corners Naomi. He says he’s taking her back to Earth-29 and that a lot of people are looking for her. She blasts him and tries to run but he can teleport. She runs to the football field where the man is about to use a spear on her, but Dee flies into stop him. They fight, and Naomi tries to use her powers to help Dee before failing to control them again. Dee defeats the man before he teleports away, and Dee pulls Naomi in for a hug.

As Naomi shakes in fear, Dee assures her the man is gone. He shares that the man was probably a bounty hunter, and Naomi wants to know how he found her. Dee theorizes that her powers being active might be acting as a magnet. Naomi asks what will happen if others follow, and Dee firmly tells her, “They’ll have to go through me.” She’s upset she couldn’t control her powers to help Dee and admits he was right about her emotions. Dee reassures her by sharing the story behind one of his tattoos. The Q on his neck stands for Qyeala, his love. She’s the reason he left Earth in 2012. Naomi asks what happened to her, and he says he doesn’t know. But he shares that life his short and that he wishes he knew then how precious time is — he never told Q what she meant to him. He never did, because he was afraid to love and say everything he felt. He tells Naomi that love is important, and that if you find it, you should hold onto it even if it scares you.

Naomi airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. You can find out other coverage of the series here.

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