‘Nancy Drew’: Your Season 3 Finale Predictions!

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Colin Bentley/The CW

Tonight, the highly anticipated Nancy Drew season 3 finale will air on The CW. With so many twists and turns, there are lots of interesting ways the writing team could wrap up the Temperance Hudson vs. Drew Crew storyline. It seems every fan has their own theory for how it will all go down in Horseshoe Bay. As part of our fan-submitted Nancy Drew series, we wanted to know what you’re hoping to see! Did your theory make our list?

Colin Bentley/The CW

“I want Nancy and Ace to get together. I don’t want any of the Drew Crew, Ryan, or Carson to die.” — Krystal

“Definitely some intense Nancy and Ace moments, both trying to save each other and all that. I’d love to see The Road Back coming back somehow, and maybe Ace having a soulpiece is one step closer to us getting his surname! Apart from that, I guess I’m willing to be surprised because the Nancy Drew writers just always deliver.” — Mai, @delenacastaways

“More Addy, Nancy confessing her love for Ace, and all the main characters alive at the end.” — Kiara, @somanypetals

“A Lo Moon song, Park is [a member of] The Road Back confirmation, amazing Nancy/Ace scenes but something that’ll also keep them temporarily apart so that they don’t become a couple until season four, more Addy, some incredible setup for next season, and a Daisy Dewitt appearance because #DrewdsDeserveDaisyDewitt.” — Amanda, @nancyaces

“Ace and Nancy finally getting together, Nick happy, Ryan not dead, Bess finding her purpose (with the magic or the historical society), [and] George figuring out what she wants.” — Jaz, @urnotthatscary

“NACE KISS!!!” — Gisel, @hosiehugs

“NACE!!!” — Mackenzie, @RazzBurry00

“Nancy and Ace finally kiss and the Drew Crew finally get rid of Temperance!” — Christina, @mrsArmstrong12

“My crack theory that Agent Park is really Beckett Dow comes true.” — Sakshi, @bakinglaw

“A reveal of Ace’s real name!” — Rachel

“Nace finally getting together! Also the return of The Road Back as the season 4 villain. Is an Ace last name reveal too much to ask for?” — @HBaygles

“Nace kiss of course!! But also hoping for one final magic moment from Bess to help destroy Temperance, the Drew Crew saving Horseshoe Bay, and hopefully a Tamura cameo.” — Macy, @nancysleuth

Colin Bentley/The CW

“Nancy and crew saving Ace from getting killed by the Copperhead by declaring her love for him and also a long-awaited Nace kiss with Nancy’s side of the CONFESSION. Temperance getting killed for good and for real this time. Bess becoming a Woman in White and Nick of course getting his confidence back. Also, I want Ryan to finally face his father and testify against him and send him away for good.” — Luna, @nacelover

“Obviously, a kiss between Nancy and Ace. I am a simple girl. And as always, a satisfying ending to the mystery, but I always get that!” — NancyHardy

“Nancy and Ace having a real kiss and not a fake out like last time.” — Ashleigh, @svgarwtch

“I would like for them to up the supernatural stakes in Horseshoe Bay for next season (maybe introduce a new mythological creature) and for Nancy and Ace to talk about the feelings they have for each other.” — Clavilon, @clavilcn

“Cute Nace moments! I’m always up for a good shocking twist!” — Holly, @savedbythecase

“The Drew Crew working together as a team (I love when all 5 of them are together) and of course a Nace kiss!” — Syd, @SydderooWho

“I hope to obviously see Nancy and Ace together and for them to finally kiss and hopefully something with the Road Back plot.” — Belle Elle, @Bbnoyer

Colin Bentley/The CW

“There are so many things I’ve been theorizing about for the season 3 finale, but one of the biggest things I’m thinking may happen is Temperance succeeds in tearing the Veil between worlds, even if it’s only for a little bit and Ryan and Lucy get reunited (hopefully not in Ryan’s death, though!). And Nancy and Carson get to see Kate. My heart would actually fall out of my body if that happens. I’d also love to see Charity and Beckett reunite after all their years separated, a happy ending to their story. I’d also really love to see some happiness for Nick, him starting his journey to healing, even if it means he has to go back to Florida for a little bit. Also a Nace kiss, duh.” — Abbey, @NoContextNancy_

“A season 4! I honestly don’t know, I’m happy to let the writers tell their story, maybe Grant or Road Back content?” — Johanna, @Johanna_Kevin

“The Drew Crew being able to stop Temperance, Ace being saved, and Nancy/Ace finally getting together.” — Kat, @01_k_a_t

“Ace and Nancy to finally get together and be honest about their feelings!!!” — Leigh, @hbhijinks

“Mystery resolved, Temperance gone for good, Nace first kiss, more Nick and Bess.” — Olivia, @incorrectlivia

“I hope to see in the season 3 finale that we get to see the long-anticipated Nancy and Ace kiss and for Nancy to come clean about her feelings towards Ace. I’d also like to see Nick and George on a better page than they are on currently and also for Bess and Addy to come to terms with what it is that they have. More so, I’m hoping that Ace doesn’t die in the [season] finale, as he is carrying the last piece of Charity’s soul, so hopefully the Drew Crew do come up with a way to defeat Temperance.” — @Nacedaily

What are you hoping to see in the finale? Let us know in the comments! The Nancy Drew season 3 finale airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. You can find our other coverage of the series here, and be sure to keep following Nerds & Beyond to see the rest of our Nancy Drew fan-submitted articles!

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