‘Walker’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 9 “Sucker Punch”

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Things came to a head in tonight’s episode of Walker, as tensions rose between Serano and the Walker family. Let’s dive in!

Captain James Returns

Larry returns to work at the Ranger station escorted by Liam. There, he’s greeted by his team as well as Trey, who thanks him for saving him, and Larry says the same back.

Serano’s Release

Due to Liam’s false police report, the judge says that even though he’s no longer an ADA, it does question the credibility of the DA’s office. Due to that, the judge grants Serano bail. Cordell is visibly concerned and with good reason.

Outside the courthouse, Denise tells Cordell to remain on the up and up, and Cordell says he’s not going to do anything and will go completely by the book. Serano comes out and antagonizes Cordell and Cordell keeps his composure but tells Serano that he’ll be watching him.

Band Auditions

Geri hangs up a poster calling for bands to play at The Side Step and tells Augie he should audition. After Faye overhears it, Augie tells her he’s in a band and will be playing. She asks if she can come and record some content, and Augie agrees.

Serano’s Steak Night

Serano is seen out having a steak after his release, and his lawyer brings up Dan Miller and the cameras. Serano tells one of his men to find Dan and get what evidence he has back.

Serano sees Cordell pick up dinner from the same place. He asks Cordell to come talk to him, and Cordell asks everyone around Serano to leave. Cordell says he was going to propose Serano surrender, but Serano keeps trying to push him. Cordell says that he knows Serano will mess up again, and when he does, he’ll be there.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Dan and Liam Team Up

Dan hands Colton tickets to a concert to go to with him, and Colton asks if he can take Stella instead. Dan agrees, and Denise walks in, telling Dan how good he is with him. Denise also lets it slip that Serano is out on bail, and as soon as she leaves, he panics. He finds the hard drive from the cameras and plugs it into his computer. He sees that the video seriously implicates Serano and that on it, Serano says he wants to take a second shot at Cordell. Dan runs to his truck, and he arrives at the post office. He sticks the hard drive in an envelope to the DA, and as he gets out to mail it, he sees Serano’s men approach him. He runs back to his truck, gets in, and manages to lose their tail. He arrives at the Walker Ranch looking for Liam. Liam tells him to get out, but then Dan tells him he needs Liam to be his lawyer and he has the evidence to lock Serano up for good, but that he wants immunity and anonymity. Liam reluctantly agrees to try to help Dan after thinking of his family.

The Side Step

Cordell arrives at The Side Step and sees Stella and Todd studying and hanging out. Geri clues him in on the situation. Todd is heard singing the vocabulary words, and Augie and Colton overhear him. Colton tells Augie he wrote a song for the band, but he doesn’t sing. The two get the idea to ask Todd to join after hearing him singing. The band rehearses as Colton and Stella watch on.

Liam Clues in The Rangers and DA

Cordell, Larry, and Denise all meet with Liam who tells them that he has a client who has video evidence that implicates Serano. The three end up agreeing on the immunity and anonymity, as long as they get the evidence.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

The Confrontation

At the Walker Ranch, Dan is in the barn and he hides as someone walks in. He tries hitting whoever it is, but it turns out to be Trey, who is checking on the animals while Bonham and Abeline are out of town. Dan’s phone rings, and it’s Serano. He tells him that he has a deal for him for the evidence. He’ll leave his family alone if he gives him the hard drive. Dan calls Liam and tells him the deal is off.

At the station, Cordell and Larry watch Liam talk to Dan and get frustrated with Dan as he tries to call the deal off. Cordell picks up on the cues, asking Larry for a tactical team to stay ready and Cordell tells him he knows who Liam was talking to, Cordell figuring it out after realizing the one person who Liam would be reluctant to actually help. Cordell has the Rangers run Dan’s plates and puts out an APB on them as he leaves the station.

Cordell gets a radio notification that they found Dan’s truck at the train station, and Cordell arrives and tells them to tell the team to get there.

Dan arrives at the train station, walks in and is pointed towards Serano. As they’re talking, Cordell arrives and one of Serano’s men pulls out a gun. Things go crazy as Dan flees and Serano pulls out a gun, taking a woman hostage. Serano lets the woman go as Cordell chases after him. Serano hijacks a car, and Cordell chases after him, Serano not pulling over. Serano tries to run a red light, but is instead hit by a semi-truck, sending the car flying. Cordell approaches the driver’s side and sees Serano bleeding heavily, and Serano dies.

Dan and Liam’s Agreement

Liam and Dan meet up, and Liam hands Dan paperwork saying that he was still granted immunity and anonymity, even though Serano is dead. The hard drive implicates Serano’s entire network, which will help shut it down. Liam reassures Dan he doesn’t like him, and Liam tells him he knows he was connected and that’s how he got the hard drive. Dan says Liam owes him, but Liam says killing Earl to save him is one thing, but doing it to cover up committing a crime is another.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Band Night at The Side Step

Cordell is at The Side Step and Denise arrives to congratulate Cordell. Cordell tells Denise that they both know who Liam’s client was, that he wanted his identity kept from them, not Serano. Cordell says he went to the train station because he knew whose plates to run, and that “you’re sleeping with the enemy.” Denise looks back at Dan, knowing it’s him.

Colton tries to ask Stella to the concert, but as he gets the courage to, the band starts to play and Todd dedicates the song to Stella and Faye. Colton tucks the tickets away and watches the band (who is called Sucker Punch, hence the episode title!)

Colton later talks to Geri, and she tells him that she’s been in his position before and he needs to tell Stella how she feels now, since Todd already made a move.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Denise Sees Cordell’s Fire Confession

Back at the DA’s office, Denise is watching the video from the cameras. In it, she sees the conversation with Abeline and Cordell where he blames himself for the fire.

The episode ends there, on that cliffhanger. What will Denise do? Is that the end of the Serano/Northside Nation storyline, or will they pop back up?

Walker is taking a short hiatus, but will return soon. Make sure to stay tuned to Nerds and Beyond for all of your Walker coverage!

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