‘Nancy Drew’: Fan Favorite Season 3 Moments

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While Nancy Drew fans eagerly wait for the season 3 finale on January 28, we reached out to fans of the series for a fan-generated article series to celebrate the show! This article takes at look at fan favorite season 3 moments, from ships finally sailing to teenage dad regression. Read on to see if your pick made the cut! Be sure to keep following Nerds & Beyond to see the rest of our Nancy Drew fan-submitted articles.

All Aboard the Bess Bus

“3×04 on the Bess Bus when Bess said ‘You people have no imagination’ and pulled a hand fan out of nowhere. Also George confronting her father.” — Kiara, @somanypetals

“Drew Crew game night or the Bess Bus.” — clawemployee

Seventeen Again

Shane Harvey/The CW

“Carson and Ryan acting like teenagers in episode 7.” — Christina, @mrsArmstrong12

“Nancy and Ace taking care of Ryan and Carson.” — Sandyhunter

“Carson and Ryan becoming teenagers and Nancy having to be a mom figure to her dads was one of the funniest things in the show and really highlighted the acting range and comedic timing the cast has.” — Clavilon, @clavilcn

“When Ace helped Carson get ready for court while Carson was under the youthful potion.” — Suri

“The utter chaos that was teenage dads! The girls separating George from Odette. The Nancy and Ryan team up to find the Copperhead’s lair was sweet and funny.” — @HBaygles

“I particularly love all the Ryan ft. Ace and/or Nancy scenes, especially the one is the woods where he tells Nancy about Lucy. Also whenever Bess did magic but especially when her and Nancy saved George with the soul splitter. 3×10 as a whole was brilliant, the coming back and forth from the liminal space was one of my very favorite moments of the whole show, even.” — Mai, @delenacastaways

Detective Con

Michael Courtney/The CW

“My favorite moment(s) of season 3 were probably when Nancy, Ace, and George had to be in a car together.” — Jaz, @urnotthatscary

“Everything about the DetectiveCon episode. It was the perfect mix of meta for the fans with a convention, George becoming famous from her little sister’s fanfiction, and a heart wrenching (yet warming) ghost tale of closure from across time. It’s almost a perfect episode.” — Abbey, @NoContextNancy_

“I really love in episode 3×10 when George and Nancy are talking outside the youth center about her feelings for Ace and Park. It really shows how much their friendship has grown as well. A close second would be 3×01 when Nancy and Ace are talking on her stairs and Darlene knocks on the door to reveal she got the community liaison job. When Nancy reveals she plans to stay in Horseshoe Bay and grow where she was planted was such a powerful moment. Everything about Nancy, Ace, and George’s road trip to detective con was also a highlight!” — Holly, @savedbythecase

Nick vs. The Jury

Colin Bentley/The CW

“Any full Drew Crew moments, but especially the ‘murder room’ scene in 3×11. It was a short scene, but it had the same vibes as the previous seasons vis-a-vis the crew dynamics and the humor. Tunji’s [Nick’s] speech before the rest of the jury, which hit deep, especially as a criminal defense lawyer who’s been fighting for the wrongfully accused. The girls in 307 because it shows how far they’ve all come from S01.” — Sakshi, @bakinglaw

“The most stand out moment would probably Nick’s courtroom speech because it was brilliantly written and beautifully delivered. It also touched on so many key things that are going on in the world. Definitely got me emotional!” — Johanna, @Johanna_Kevin

Nancy Helping Bess and Finding Her Purpose

“Nancy helping Bess to let go of Odette (and intrinsically showing just how far she’s come), George confronting her Dad, Nick’s speech to the jury, and Ace’s fight with his family.” — Leigh, @hbhijinks

“Nancy finding Bess at the bus stop and giving her a pep talk about letting Odette go.” — Macy, @nancysleuth

“My favorite moment was during the premiere when Nancy decided to stay in Horseshoe Bay. It’s so rare to see a show portray the idea that you can stay home and still grow as a person. I especially relate to this because after high school, like Nancy I was so lost.” — Amy, @haunteddrewds

The Fanson Engagement

Shane Harvey/The CW

“Every Nick and Bess team up! Bess being a dutiful platanchor to Ace, and Nick and George’s engagement.” — Olivia, @incorrectlivia

“My favorite moment of ‘Nancy Drew’ Season 3 would be during the first episode of the season when Nick said yes to marrying George by proposing to her with a ring by surprise inside a warehouse surrounded by the rest of the Drew Crew. It was a very beautiful moment for George and Nick yet also emotional for George and her Charlie, Ted and Jesse.” — @Nacedaily


Colin Bentley/The CW

‘Nancy Drew’ fans seriously love Nace. Moments from Nancy and Ace’s relationship were by far the most mentioned season 3 moments in our survey!

“When Ace got through to Nancy by tapping on her shoulder using Morse code.” — Gisel, @hosiehugs

“The Nace moment on the stairs in 301 was a classic Nace moment, very them.
And of course – Ace’s confession, not just because of what it entails, but because of how beautifully it was enacted.” — Sakshi, @bakinglaw

“When Ace confessed his feelings for Nancy at the end of episode 11.” — Mackenzie, @RazzBurry00

“Episode 3 when Ace saved Nancy and the Nace hug when Ace came back from the alternative universe.” — @nacelover

“Ace’s confession to Nancy — an absolute no brainer!” — NancyHardy

“Hannah and literally everyone else telling Ace that he’s in love with Nancy!” — Ashleigh, @svgarwtch

Shane Harvey/The CW

“Ace confessing his feelings to Nancy.” — Genesee, @Ilovemycats32

“Ace telling Nancy his feelings, canon Nace in the finale (it’s happening).” — Courtney, @_notyourvampire

“I loved all the Nace scenes. They are finally realizing their love for each other!!!!!!!!” — Abegail

“Ace confessing his feelings to Nancy :)” — Syd, @SydderooWho

“My favorite moment has to be anything with jealous Ace.” — Belle Elle, @Bbnoyer

“Ace confessing to Nancy about his feelings towards her.” — Kat, @01_k_a_t

“So many to choose from, starting with all Nace scenes! Love the slow build up and how both characters respect and trust each other.” — Johanna, @Johanna_Kevin

Did we miss one of your favorites? Let us know in the comments! Nancy Drew airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW, with the season 3 finale airing this Friday. You can find our other coverage of the series here!

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