Track by Track Review: Rob Benedict’s ‘Leave The Light On’

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Rob Benedict

Rob Benedict just released his first solo record, Leave The Light On, which features nine brilliant tracks, all woven together with intricate lyrics and a sound that’s so uniquely Benedict.

Let’s dive into the album, track by track.


The album starts out with this song, which is very guitar-heavy, with a catchy chorus and harmonies that add to the beauty of it. The addition of the drums and the sounds blending together make it a perfect first song for the album.


The album was recorded in Nashville, and in this track, you can almost hear some bits of country influence in the intro. The lyrics are interesting as they run together in the verses, and the chorus is soft and simple with whispers of, “Your secret is safe with me,” giving this song so much depth.


“Elevator” was the first single off of the album, and it’s a good gauge of the overall feel of it. The heavy guitar influence is back, along with Benedict’s masterful lyrics, to create this colorful song with a sad undertone, with lyrics such as “Every night there’s a war. Don’t know what we’re fighting for?” It’s easy to see the lyrics mirror the title, as it goes through the ups and downs of a relationship.


This song’s soft and simple intro reminds me of a lullaby, and its beauty is in its simplicity. The guitar in the chorus is so fun and cool, it really stands out and adds uniqueness to the song.

Easy to Me

Benedict’s lyrics are at an all-time high on this album, especially here. His lyrics are so vulnerable and he’s a fantastic storyteller. The music is engaging and fits the lyrics well, making this a solid song.

Somebody’s Eyes

This is one of the more slower/softer songs on the album, and Benedict’s vocals are the center point here. It’s a sad song, but the music and styling on it is beautiful. There’s a good piano influence here, adding to the overall feel of the song.

Reconnection Blues

This is another song with a great intro, the chorus is catchy and the beat really drives home this song, making it stand out.

Cautionary Fairytale

This is a song that fans were introduced to well before the album came out, as Benedict played it via online StageIts, etc. The studio version is just as beautiful as the live version, and the additional instruments really amplify the chorus. This has always been a standout song, and it’s truly incredible.

Leave the Light On

This is the title track for the album, and it doesn’t disappoint. The beginning with just an acoustic guitar and vocals is a brilliant choice. It’s a fantastic way to close out the album.

Overall, the album is a solid one from Benedict. It’s clearly different from what we’ve heard from him before with Louden Swain, but it’s a musical masterpiece by a seasoned musician. He’s always had a unique way to tell stories, and this is his writing at its finest.

Leave The Light On is available now on all digital platforms where you purchase music, and you can buy a physical copy here.

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