‘Superman & Lois’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 2 “The Ties That Bind”

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In this week’s episode of Superman & Lois, a familiar face returns and a new one emerges. Plus, Sarah finally reveals what’s been bothering her. Keep reading for what happens in “The Ties That Bind.”

Hello, Brother

Bettina Strauss/The CW

Clark’s visions are intensifying. At family breakfast, he drops to the ground and sees visions of destruction. Like something is caving in. Lois wonders if they’re visions of a planet crumbling (Krypton) as a result of Zod’s control.

The only way for Clark to know for sure that what’s happening to him results from his brother, he has to visit him in his secure DoD bunker. He needs intel on the eradication process; wants to know if there can be lingering effects. Tal-Rho says he’s never experienced it himself but wonders if Jordan or the other people in Smallville are experiencing it. There is one solution, however. He can run tests on Clark, but he has to be taken out of the facility and to his fortress. Clark says no, leaving him to his own devices.

Clark pops in to tell Jordan he’s heading to his brothers fortress and Jordan asks to accompany him and Tal-Rho so he can be there for him. Tal grabs the orange stone key to reunite them with their mother … or, at least, the copy of her. She’s surprised to see both of her sons alive and together. This consciousness was taken before the destruction of Krypton, so it’s not the same one that was in season 1.

She agrees to help, running a scan on him. In the middle of it he undergoes another vision except this time the planet is crumbling. Tal-Rho manages to get out of his cuffs on the distraction. With Clark down, Jordan uses his powers to protect his father. 

Lana’s Sacrifices

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After planning an event to help elect Daniel as mayor, Lana gets the unfortunate news that he’s dropping out of the race. He got a better job offer in Bristol that is guaranteed. His mayoral position is not and after a rough few years, they need something definite. Lana is visibly upset because she’s put a lot into his campaign. Lana recognizes that it’s all unfair. Kyle reminds her it’s all politics, and it’s messy. He leaves her to go to work.

The Supermen of America

In the premiere, The Supermen of America made their first official appearance. With Superman sidelined by Lt. Anderson so his new team of soldiers can protect America’s best interest, Superman finds himself in a bind. As he begins to lose consciousness, Tag shows up to the scene, shocked to see Superman down and out. Anderson inquired about what happened to Superman, but he doesn’t have answers. And it’s not like they can run tests on him. Anderson makes it simple: if he’s not gonna be part of his team, then Superman no longer has free rein.

It’s Doomsday

Lois and Chrissy investigate a number of reports of high seismic readings at the mines. The workers insist they’re working on it, and they’ll know more soon. Lois isn’t convinced so she enlists John’s help and his seismic reader. Something strange is happening underground, spiking abnormally high readings. A figure emerges taking out most of the mining crew.

Last minute, one worker detonates the bombs and blows up everyone inside.  Back at the Gazette, Lois says they need to track down what is causing the readings. Chrissy demands the truth about the mysterious family member that was in the cult. Lois finally admits it was Lucy, her sister.

Lana Runs for Mayor

Kyle takes off work early to present Lana with a list of signatures from the firehouse to have her run for mayor. As it turns out, Lana just finished filling out the paperwork to run before he got home.

Sarah’s Truth

Sarah finally admits why she’s being cold to Jordan. At camp, she kissed a girl. She admits it meant nothing to her but Jordan is absolutely crushed. He tears up and leaves her on the porch.

Superman & Lois airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. New episodes stream Wednesdays on The CW App and cwtv.com.

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