‘Superman & Lois’ Recap: Season 2 Premiere “What Lies Beneath”

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The season 2 premiere of Superman & Lois has finally aired on The CW! New characters are revealed, Lois comes to terms with her frustrations, and Superman gets sidelined. Keep reading for what happens in “What Lies Beneath.”

Chrissy and Lois Can’t Compromise

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Chrissy is meeting with the “Woat or Goat”, a potential new hire at the Gazette. Lois arrives and ushers him out. Chrissy gets upset because they need the help but Lois hasn’t liked a single hire she’s brought in. Lois says it’s because they all suck and they need someone that cares more about the work than their “twit” follows.

Natalie’s First Day

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John runs over the story with Natalie about her life on this planet. He doesn’t want to attract unwanted attention and she reminds him he travels around the world in a steel war suit with Superman, the man that killed her mother on their planet. John is worried about Natalie’s whereabouts, but she soon approaches him. He tries to reassure her that things will get better but she remarks that in this world Lois gets to be happy with Superman as her husband and her two sons before saying she shouldn’t have come and she wishes she would have died instead.

Introduction of Lt. Mitch Anderson

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It upset Mitch that he really knows nothing about Superman and they need to be upfront with each other like he was to General Lane. He needs the commitment that the American interest comes first. Superman says the best he can do is to collaborate with the DoD like he said he would.

Lois Versus Clark

Lois comes home to discover Jonathan in bed with Candice. They freak out and Jonathan tries his best to explain himself, but Lois informs Candice she needs to leave. When she does, Lois uses the ELT to call Clark and he rushes home, thinking something serious is wrong. What he discovers is Lois lashing out at Jonathan for being home alone with his girlfriend, where they could get away with it. Clark tries to brush it off and tells her that using the ELT is for actual emergencies but Lois just gets increasingly upset, telling Clark to go to Lana’s alone. At the Lang’s residence, Clark apologizes to Kyle for being late. Kyle asks where Lois is and Clark makes up a lousy lie that Kyle detects. He gives him advice for heading out to deliver more shrimp cocktails to waiting guests.

Jordan’s Surprise

Jordan takes Sarah to the bridge where they got arrested. This time, he’s lit candles as a surprise. However, Sarah just wants to go home, asking to try it again when she feels less crappy and weird. Since returning home from camp, she’s continuously brushed Jordan off. Back at home, Jordan heads to his room and Jonathan asks him if Sarah was telling the truth about her not feeling well. Jordan gets stressed but Jonathan quickly reassured him he’s sure it’s nothing but the timing is suspicious.

Lois’ Conflict

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Lois finally admits that she felt nothing when Natalie stood there and called her mom. It made her realize how her mom must have felt when she up and left her children, and now she knows. Every time she gets asked to talk about or call Natalie, it brings forth guilt. She may not be her daughter but she knows how crushed she feels. Clark embraces her briefly but notes the earthquake about to hit. Listening over the city, there are too many people that need saving at once and it’s overwhelming him. He first freezes a falling water tower before heading to a dig site that is caving in on itself.

But the earthquake? Isn’t an earthquake at all … it’s the Supermen of America.
Superman returns to the DoD Asking questions. Mitch says America needs to be his top priority and, as it stands, he doesn’t view it that way. Anderson’s team is, however.

John Recruits Lois

Lois meets John and Natalie at the diner but when Natalie notices, she rushes out, calling her father unbelievable. On Martha’s bench, Lois apologizes to Natalie for what happened. She would like to get to know her. She did not know how to react in the moment but has reflected on how she could have acted differently. Natalie says it’s unnecessary because Lois isn’t her mom but Lois promises she’s not using her as a charity case; she wants to be friends. She thinks it would be good for the both of them if they were in each other’s lives.

Clark Gives “The Talk”

He understands the boys are at the age they want to be intimate. Jordan has a look of disgust on his face at first, but Clark tells them they need to respect whoever they’re with no matter what and if they have questions they can ask him. Jordan wonders how old Clark was when he lost his virginity, to which he responds “older than the two of you.” The boys crack up when they realize it was their mom.

Lois brings John and Natalie home to the farm to give them a place to live while they’re in Smallville for the time being. The boys show Natalie around and John hangs back to talk to Clark, asking if he’s sure it’s ok. Clark says he’d do anything to help a friend. Just then, at the same dig site, someone (or something?) falls to earth, crashing, and a suited hand emerges.  

Superman & Lois airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/CT on The CW.

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