‘Dexter: New Blood’ Recap: Episode 10 “Sins of the Father”

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The Dexter: New Blood finale is here, and everything finally comes to a head. Dexter is ready to move on with Harrison. However, a confrontation with Angela makes things a bit more difficult. Read on to find out what happens in the finale episode “Sins of the Father.”

Warning: Spoilers beyond this point. Read at your own risk.

The Smoky Aftermath

Angela heads to the cabin as she listens to what would’ve been Molly’s podcast episode about Matt. Before finding Dexter, she issues an APB for Molly. She finds Dexter, saying that the fire was most likely arson, but he claims he doesn’t know who has qualms with him. Harrison comes over and covers, thinking maybe it could be some Moose Creek kids. When Angela and Logan sift through the cabin’s ashes. She asks Logan to follow up on the Moose Creek lead but stops mid-sentence when she spots something on the ground. We don’t see what she found, but remember how some things don’t melt in fire?

Audrey, Zach, Scott, Logan, and Tess bring Harrison and Dexter a few boxes of supplies, followed by presenting Harrison with a letter jacket. Dexter tells Harrison they should think about where to live, in a place that’s not Iron Lake. Harrison doesn’t want to move, but Dexter says they must so that they can “do what [they] do.” Harrison asks what that entails. After Dexter gives him the shortened version, Harrison seems on board.

You Have the Right to Remain Silent

dexter new blood episode 10
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Angela returns home where Dexter and the kids are finishing up dinner. Angela sends Audrey and Harrison out for a few more items. When they’re gone, Angela remains neutral with Dexter until she doesn’t. She pushes him away and holds him at gunpoint, directing him to kneel. He begins reaching for a nearby knife when Logan shows up. They arrest Dexter for Matt’s murder and bring him to the station.

Angela interrogates Dexter in her office, first asking about his whereabouts the night Matt disappeared. Then she shows him the footage from the wilderness camera again, explaining why the unknown heat signature is Dexter. Dexter makes excuses for it, refusing to give her anything. She shows him the titanium screws and the letter she received, furthering her argument with the titanium screw Dexter had. So, Angela lays out her theory about what happened (and she’s pretty close) and how Dexter disposed of Matt. She reminds him that titanium doesn’t melt. Still, Dexter resists, explaining that this was probably all Kurt’s doing. He adds salt to the gaping wound by telling Angela she’s probably still grieving her friend, which causes Angela to yell at him. Logan rushes in and suggests they give Dexter a minute to gather his thoughts.

In another area of the station, Logan thinks Dexter’s story is plausible enough, which means a jury will think the same. Angela gets frustrated because he doesn’t know the full context. Logan asks what it is, but she wants to be certain before saying anything else. She preps to head out. She tells Teddy to bring in Kurt (good luck with that), lets Harrison know he can see Dexter, and instructs Audrey to leave with her.

One More Tuna Sandwich

dexter new blood episode 10
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Logan brings Harrison to see Dexter. Dexter tells Harrison why he’s there, but that Harrison is safe. Dexter has been in tougher spots and will get out of this. He sends Harrison to see Tess, who will feed him and give him a room. Outside, Angela tells Audrey there’s more to what Harrison said about Jim at the party. However, she only reveals that Jim dangerous. Audrey gets frustrated and wonders why Angela would let Jim into their lives. They spot Harrison walking across the street, and Audrey wants to go talk to him. Angela stops her. She says Harrison isn’t dangerous, but she wants Audrey to go home instead. She promises to share everything.

Logan brings Dexter something to eat (a tuna sandwich, of course), and Dexter still tries to spin the narrative to his advantage and how he wants to be there for Harrison. Dexter thanks Logan before he leaves. Next, Logan brings some food to Harrison and the two eat together. Logan asks if Harrison heard or saw anything with Matt, as everything happened right around the time Harrison came to Iron Lake. Harrison claims he didn’t, and Logan drops it for now.

You Can’t Escape the Past

dexter new blood episode 10
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Angela sits outside when she has a revelation. She heads into the station where she calls Batista and asks him if he remembers anything about the Bay Harbor Butcher. She adds that some deaths in Iron Lake have similar MOs. Then she asks if Batista thinks that Doakes really was BHB. He admits he thought that at first and mentions that there were other theories swirling around, including how LaGuerta thought it was Dexter. Batista still believes Dexter is dead, so Angela sends him a photo of her and Dexter. When Batista asks if Dexter’s really alive, Angela tells him that Dexter’s in a holding cell. She then asks if she can have LaGuerta’s information. Batista reveals she was killed. When Angela asks if they caught the killer, Batista doesn’t hear it, instead pulling out a file about LaGuerta and saying he’ll be in Iron Lake by the morning.

In her office, Angela talks to Dexter again. She admits the case about Matt may not hold up, but she’s still willing to bet everything that Dexter is a murderer. She brings up the ketamine purchase along with showing Dexter a photo of Miles. Dexter claims he couldn’t have done anything because they were both in the station, until Angela reminds him what got them there. Next, she shows him Jasper’s body and the injection mark. Dexter still tries to worm out of it until she shows him a similar mark on a BHB victim. She knows he’s BHB. So, Dexter will be arraigned for Matt and then reunite with Batista and be extradited to Florida to stand trial for his BHB crimes. Dexter tells her to shut off the camera. She thinks he’s going to confess, but instead he tells her where to find the missing girls.

Ready to Run

dexter new blood episode 10
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Back in the holding cell, Deb has an “I told you so” moment about when Dexter said not killing was the problem. She mentions how Angela won’t give up, and the only reason Deb did is because she was his sister and loved him. After he yells for her to stop, he calls out to Logan for water. Logan sets a bottle on the ledge of the cell door, giving Dexter an opening to grab his arm and bang Logan’s head against the cell. Dexter gets Logan in a chokehold and demands the keys. Logan goes to reach for them but instead goes towards his gun. He gets a shot off just before Dexter breaks his neck, killing him. Dexter grabs the keys and escapes. He calls Harrison to tell him to meet where they found they white buck. Dexter steals Logan’s car and drives off.

Angela goes to Kurt’s cabin and finds the trophy room, recognizing her missing girls plus Molly. When she resurfaces, she radios Logan who (obviously) doesn’t respond. She tries his cell next but nothing. Finally, she reaches Teddy and tells him to call State Troopers, FBI, everyone for all the bodies she just found. She asks if Teddy has heard from Logan. When he says it’s been a while but he’s probably still at the station with Jim, she panics and rushes back, finding Logan’s body and an empty cell.

Father versus Son

dexter new blood episode 10
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Dexter meets Harrison and says they’re going to ditch the truck and go. Harrison notices the blood spatter on Dexter and asks if he is okay. Then he remembers Dexter called from Logan’s phone and pieces it together. Harrison gets angry and mentions the Code. Dexter claims that Logan had die, but Harrison realizes Dexter never really cared about saving people; he just wanted to give in to the Dark Passenger. Dexter tries to tell Harrison they’re the same, but Harrison resists, releasing his anger about being abandoned and the years Dexter never searched for him. Dexter adds that he needs Harrison, who doesn’t want to hear it. He thinks Dexter needs to turn himself in. When Dexter mentions he’d get the death penalty, Harrison says it’s probably what he deserves. So, Dexter stops pushing back and decides to leave, with or without Harrison.

When he turns away, Harrison cocks his rifle, asking if Rita and Deb would still be alive if it weren’t for Dexter. This prompts Dexter to remember the people who died because of him – Logan, Rita, Deb, Harry, LaGuerta, Doakes, and Lundy. He agrees that Harrison is right. But all Harrison wants to be is normal. Dexter says Harrison deserves better and a better father. After a beat, he reminds Harrison to turn the safety off; this is the only way out. So, Harrison does it as Dexter shows him where to shoot. Harrison aims. Before Harrison pulls the trigger, Dexter’s voiceover reveals that he’s never felt real love until now. Harrison shoots. As blood pools around Dexter, he tells Harrison he did good. Deb grips his hand and as she lets go, Dexter dies.

A New Beginning

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Angela arrives at the scene. Harrison mentions Logan and offers his wrists to be handcuffed. Instead, Angela gives him money and tells him how to get out of town; he needs to leave and never come back. Then, she calls it in and wipes Harrison’s prints off the gun.

Before Harrison drives away, he pulls out the letter Dexter sent to Hannah. As he heads out of town, we hear voiceover of Dexter reading it. In the letter, he explains that he just wants Harrison to live a happy and normal life, which he can’t do if Dexter is around. Dexter continues that it would’ve been better if the hurricane did kill him, because then he wouldn’t have to carry the burden of everything he’s done. However, he knows he must carry it alone. He emphasizes not to contact him unless Harrison begins to show dark tendencies, saying, “I beg you. Let me die so my son can live.”

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