‘Walker’: Recap and Questions About Season 2 So Far


As we get ready to return to the next half of season two of Walker, let’s take a look at what has happened so far and the questions we have surrounding the rest of the season.

Micki Leaves

The biggest news this season is the exit of Cordell’s partner, Micki, and subsequently Lindsey Morgan.

The season started with Micki undercover to investigate the target against Cordell, where she ran into an old fiance, Garrison. After a confrontation with Serano leaving Garrison with no choice but to aim a gun at Cordell, Micki tried to stop him, which knocked him over a balcony. Garrison ended up falling to his death right in front of Micki. This left a profound impact on Micki, who told Trey at the end of the last episode that she needed to go back home and find herself. This led to an emotional exit — and one of the best scenes of the series, with Micki, Cordell, and Captain James saying goodbye. Hopefully one day we’ll see the return of Micki, but for now, we wish Lindsey all the best!

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

The Arrival of the Davidsons

With the new season came the arrival of The Davidsons; the Walkers’ old neighbors who are still harboring some harsh feelings after a member of their family (Denise’s Dad, Gale’s Husband) was killed in a barn fire — and all signs point to Cordell having something to do with it. All we’ve seen so far are some small glimpses of flashbacks, and Augie finding a lantern with a Walker brand on it in the barn. We’re looking forward to getting more of the story as the season progresses.

Serano and the Hidden Cameras

At the end of the first season, we got a glimpse into what was going to be in the next season, which showed someone watching the Walkers through cameras in their home. As the season progressed, we learned that it was Serano and Northside Nation (which was expected), but what we did not expect was Dan Miller buying out the cameras to keep an eye on the Walkers. However, this really only lasted one episode. After an event where one of Serano’s henchmen went after a hard drive with the evidence against Serano on it and almost shooting Liam in the process, Dan came out looking like the hero after stopping him. We haven’t seen much else brought up about the cameras since then (though the cameras have been torched). In the last episode, Liam is still suspicious about Dan when he and Cordell run into him as they investigate the stolen evidence truck. Liam then makes a very, very bad decision and false reports Dan as having something to do with the robbery of the van. It also looks like Stan will make an appearance in the upcoming episode as well. We’re interested to see where the story goes and if the tension will only get worse from here on out based on Liam’s decision.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Liam’s Future with the DA

As part of that very, very bad decision Liam made mentioned above, we see him telling Denise in the last episode about what he did. When Liam told Cordell, Cordell told him it was a career-ending decision. At this point, we’re curious to see if Liam’s time as Assistant DA is over or what his future will entail.

Augie, Stella, Bonham and Abeline

The storyline around the rest of the Walkers this season has been complicated. Stella and Augie were having some issues at school which seems to be resolving, and now Augie broke into the Davidson’s barn and hurt his shoulder. We’re not sure if that storyline is resolved or if there will be some repercussions down the line. Bonham still has cancer, although that has not really taken the forefront as a storyline so far. We expect that to come back full circle at some point, as the writers of the show are great at planting seeds of stories that come back around.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Where’s Bret?

Liam’s fiance, Bret, was part of the first season. Fans loved him and we keep wondering if he’ll reappear at some point. In a recent trailer for episode seven, fans have been pointing out a potential return, as there’s a figure behind Liam in a scene that could possibly be him. All we know is we miss him and we’re looking forward to his return one day.

What other questions do you have about the rest of the season? Walker returns Thursday, January 13 at 8/7c on The CW. You can follow our coverage on the show, here.

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