‘Cobra Kai’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 9 “The Fall”


In the penultimate Cobra Kai episode of the season, the All Valley tournament begins once again. The stakes have never been higher, and everyone’s feeling the pressure. Read on to find out what happens in “The Fall.”

Warning: Spoilers beyond this point.

Competition Time

Daryl greets the crowd at All Valley. As he introduces each dojo, we see flashes of Eagle Fang, Miyagi-Do, and Cobra Kai doing their final training. Daniel, Johnny, and Terry and Kreese give their respective groups pep talks. After Johnny’s, Miguel approaches him. Miguel is a bit distracted, and Johnny says he knows why: everything that happened at prom. (Ouch, he doesn’t even remember.) Miguel doesn’t correct him as Johnny reminds him to focus.

The skills portion of the tournament begins, and each dojo starts off strong. However, the Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do kids begin to fumble. By the end, Cobra Kai leads with Miyagi-Do in second and Eagle Fang down to sixth. Daniel’s not too worried yet, but Johnny is upset. They still have a chance as Devon tells him what they need to catch up.

Qualifying Rounds

Before the qualifying rounds begin, some of the All Valley board members complain about another member — Ron. He takes the floor and introduces Carrie Underwood (much to literally everyone’s surprise). As she sings, a montage of the matches begins. So far, the results are: Eagle Fang with two advances, Miyagi-Do with three, and Cobra Kai with five. The final three matches are all Cobra Kai versus Miyagi-Do. As Cobra Kai wins each round, Daniel realizes they know Miyagi-Do karate.

Rising Tension

The quarterfinals begin as the stakes ramp up. Miguel wins, but Devon loses to Tory, costing Eagle Fang their chance to get the All Valley Girls Championship. Devon says if the right girls and Miguel wins, they still have a chance.

Daniel confronts Robby, thinking Robby teaching Miyagi-Do was his way at getting back at everyone. Robby says he did what he needed. Daniel tells him that if he doesn’t put principle first, he still loses. The message has some impact as Robby’s face betrays a tinge of guilt.

Before the next match, Kyler walks past Eli and makes a remark about his lip. Moon reminds him that Kyler’s a jerk before kissing Eli. After, Eli is rejuvenated and crushes his match against Kyler. Sam battles Piper next, using Eagle Fang techniques to gain the win. Daniel points it out, and Samantha says her way can be right, too. In the final match, it’s Cobra Kai versus Cobra Kai: Kenny versus Robby. Robby wins but feels bad when Kenny runs off. Tory stops him from following.

An Old Problem Resurfaces

Semifinals are next, but first, Daniel commends Miguel on a Miyagi-Do technique he used in a match. Johnny approaches them, and he and Daniel snark at each other about the influences they have on the other’s students. Soon, the first match begins — Eli versus Miguel. It goes like any other match until partway through, Miguel gets mid-kick and hurts his back. When he hits the mat, he yells out for Johnny, barely able to move.

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