Saturday, April 1, 2023

‘Roadfood’: Second Batch of Behind-the-Scenes Content From Chicago, IL Released

TELEVISIONROADFOOD'Roadfood': Second Batch of Behind-the-Scenes Content From Chicago, IL Released

New content alert! A second batch of behind-the-scenes photos and videos have been released from the making of Roadfood episode 4 “Chicago, IL: BBQ.” To check them out, visit this link to Roadfood’s website.

The description for Roadfood‘s fourth episode set in Chicago, currently available for streaming on PBS’ website, can be found below.

African American influence in Chicago cannot be overstated, stretching from music to food to much more. Jazz and Blues, as well as South Side BBQ — a style of barbeque only found in a handful of restaurants in Chicago — are just a few examples of how African American culture has shaped the Windy City.

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PBS’ website is not the only way you can watch Roadfood. If you’re not familiar with your options, make sure to check out our article on all the ways you can watch here. Additionally, two new watch options are coming soon (see here for more information). above and our other content related to the show here. As always, stay tuned for more updates, and check out Roadfood’s website for additional behind-the-scenes content and more.

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