Bo Burnham’s ‘Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous’ Now Streaming on Netflix

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So, it turns out Zach Stone got pretty famous after all. He’s on Netflix! Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous has found a new home on the streaming titan.

Bo Burnham’s 12-episode series from 2013 about a wayward teenager, Zach Stone, is now available to stream! Burnham, also a creator, producer, and writer on the series, starred as the titular character, a high school graduate who’s opted to forgo college in hopes of finding fame. The one hang-up? He has no talent. In his quest, he’s hired a camera crew to follow him around the summer after his high school graduation, and hilarity ensues.

Secondhand embarrassment is a side effect of watching Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous but don’t let that stop you from enjoying his wild, attention-seeking antics. Burnham plays every side to Zach to perfection and the supporting cast is just as flawless in their roles, particularly Zach’s parents and brother played by Tom Wilson, Kari Coleman, and Cameron Palatas, and his two best friends Greg and Amy played by Armen Weitzman and Caitlin Gerard.

The series was Burnham’s first big venture away from comedy and into television, which would later lead him to films.

All 12 episodes of Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous are now on Netflix. Get ready for your new comfort series. Be sure to check out more of Bo Burnham’s pre-Inside work, too!

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