‘9-1-1: Lone Star’: Get Ready for Season 3 With a Recap of Season 2!

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Season 3 of FOX’s first responder drama 9-1-1: Lone Star is almost here! It’s been quite a while since we last saw the 126, so before Austin is overtaken by an ice storm, let’s recap the events of season 2!

Say Goodbye to Michelle and Hello to Tommy

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Following Liv Tyler’s departure as Paramedic Captain Michelle Blake ahead of the second season, Gina Torres was cast as Tommy Vega, the 126’s newest Paramedic Captain. Thanks to the pandemic, Tommy’s husband, Charles, was out of a job as his restaurant went under. Needing to make money to support her family, Tommy decided to go back to work. And boy did she fit in perfectly. She already knew Judd, as the two of them worked together previously. And he mentioned to Owen more than a few times that Tommy actually introduced him to his wife (more on that later). Tommy proved how badass she can be, both in the field and at home, and I couldn’t think of a better fit.

Mama Strand

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After hearing her mentioned throughout the first season, we finally got to meet Gwyneth Morgan in the flesh. Played by Lisa Edelstein, Gwyneth is Owen’s first wife and T.K.’s mother who came to Austin to be with her son following him getting shot and also to be there for Owen during his cancer treatments. Owen and Gwyn’s relationship definitely picked up after being divorced for 16 years, though there were times where they didn’t know what they were and it was getting on T.K.’s nerves. Gwyn becomes pregnant and although everyone is surprised and confused, they were all happy.

The two decided to keep the baby despite the risks, and T.K. was happy to become a big brother to his baby bro. However, it was soon found out that the baby is not Owen’s, but Gwyn’s ex Enzo. She went back to New York after finding out, but Owen and T.K. were as understanding as one can be.

A Volcano in Austin and the Death of Tim Rosewater

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It’s not a 9-1-1 series without a big emergency opening up the season. And boy did Lone Star bring it for the second season. Things really heated up in Austin as the city was dealing with an active volcano. I’m still not completely sure how it even happened but it was intense. The team dealt with calls to a mini golf course and a pool party, where the inevitable happened. While helping a college student, paramedic Tim Rosewater gets hit with a fire ball? Lava ball? And it kills him. The team, and fans, were devastated and although a death in the 126 was teased in the previews for the season, it didn’t hurt any less. Later on in the season, the firefighters surprise Nancy with a dedication to Tim on the ambulance, with the date of his last call, and it was heartwarming.

The 118 Meet the 126

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It was only just a matter of time. When a new spinoff for 9-1-1 was announced, fans were anxious for the teams to team up. While there was a mention of Chim’s accident from the first season towards the end of season 1 of Lone Star, we were blessed with the first crossover event during season 2. The crossover involved 9-1-1‘s Buck (Oliver Stark), Hen (Aisha Hinds) and Eddie (Ryan Guzman) heading to Texas to help with a massive wildfire. The episode paired Buck with T.K. and Mateo, Hen with Owen and Eddie with Judd, Marjan and Paul. There were some pretty great and iconic moments to come out of the episode, so make sure to check out the best moments here!

EMS 126 Are Held Hostage

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The midseason finale of 9-1-1: Lone Star involved some pretty heavy stuff, including EMS 126 getting held hostage. It was an insane episode that involved explosions, the trio being held at gunpoint, T.K. trying to be a hero and a heartwarming Tarlos reunion. It also gave us some pretty great content between Owen and Carlos, who were trying to find the missing unit. While the situation wasn’t really talked about in the second part of the season, this still remains one of the bigger moments of the 14-episode season.

Jace Love Story

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This season brought us the backstory of the best love story on 9-1-1: Lone Star, Judd and Grace Ryder. Following a car accident in the midseason finale, fans were taken back through their love story, beginning with Judd calling a prayer hotline that Grace was working, to Grace quitting the hotline and the two of them meeting in person by fate. That is when we see Tommy introduce her colleague to the love of his life, and it is complete swoon-worthy. The episode gave fans a glimpse into Jace, as Grace was fighting for her life, and her unborn baby’s.

Serial Arsonist

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Close to the end of the season, there was a serial arsonist running around the city. Owen, on medical leave due to his cancer surgery, found himself in the middle of the whole thing. He tried solving who was behind it but it got him in trouble, and arrested by the Texas Rangers. Ironically, the arson investigator ended up being the arsonist. He revealed himself after he set fires at the firehouse and at T.K. and Carlos’ place. The latter got the worst of it, but luckily, Tarlos made it out, physically okay, thanks to Owen, Judd, Tommy, Billy and Grace. The firehouse, on the other hand, was only just the beginning of 126’s downfall …

The 126 Is Shut Down

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As mentioned above, thanks to the serial arsonist, Firehouse 126 had a fire and was, at first, temporarily shut down. The crew were spread across the department, with Marjan, Judd and Paul getting assigned to the same firehouse and Mateo getting assigned to a different one. At the end of the season finale, they came together following the dust storm to clean the place up. It was then that they found out, from Billy, that due to budget cuts, the 126 will be shutting down, permanently.

Other Storylines

  • Owen’s cancer is in remission and he got a surgery to remove the rest of the tumor.
  • T.K. celebrated one year of sobriety.
  • Marjan’s fiancé, yes, fiancé, showed up and she announces that she and Salim had been engaged since they were 12. However, the engagement doesn’t work out but the two of them still love each other.
  • Paul reconnected with his estranged sister.
  • T.K. becomes a paramedic.
  • Carlos got suspended after making a bad call.
  • Tommy’s husband, Charles, dies.
  • Owen declares Mateo an official firefighter following the dust storm.

Be sure to catch up on 9-1-1: Lone Star on Hulu and watch the season 3 premiere this Monday, January 3 at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on FOX! Check out our other 9-1-1: Lone Star coverage here.

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