Thursday, August 18, 2022

‘Roadfood’: New “Deep Dive” From Episode 1 Released

TELEVISIONROADFOOD'Roadfood': New "Deep Dive" From Episode 1 Released

Roadfood‘s popularity has been taking off since its release; fans can’t get enough of the delicious food or insight into various cultures and communities Misha Collins has been visiting. Collins has stated on multiple occasions that Roadfood’s true purpose is to give the public a glimpse into the cultural experiences of others; the goal is to promote tolerance and understanding, simply using food as a vehicle to accomplish that. In addition to exploring food, Collins also has meaningful conversations with a variety of individuals in the cities he visits. Roadfood recently released a behind-the-scenes “Deep Dive” — an extended conversation — from episode 1 (set in Houston, TX) that Collins had with one of the restauranteurs, Lê Hoàng Nguyên. You can find the video at the link above.

A brief description of the 15-minute “deep dive” clip from episode 1 of Roadfood can be found below.

“Join us to see these mini clips that we cut together to give viewers the experience of being part of a deeper conversation.  In this clip you will see Misha Collins and Lê Hoàng Nguyên, an insurance agent and baseball fanatic, discuss his experience of being an activist in his community.”

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We hope to see more deep dives from other episodes up on the website soon. For more behind-the-scenes content, make sure to visit Roadfood‘s website. Currently, the majority of content is from the first episode. As always, stay up to date with all things Roadfood by peeking at all our content on the show here. Not sure where you can find Roadfood? Check out our article on how you can watch it here. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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