Thursday, March 23, 2023

‘Drama Queens’: Bevin Prince Guest Stars

PODCASTSDRAMA QUEENS'Drama Queens': Bevin Prince Guest Stars

As Drama Queens rolls into their rewatch and discussions of season 2, there’s someone new kicking off the slew of guest hosts for this season. Bevin Prince, who plays Bevin Mirskey on One Tree Hill, is this week’s guest on Drama Queens!

A brief description of this week’s episode, EP203 A.K.A. “Blurred Lines,” can be found below.

This episode was a doozy!! 

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With the appearance of a stripper at Nathan’s Bachelor Party and Haley’s Bridal Shower, Sophia and Hilarie reveal exclusively how lines became blurred for an actor/stripper.

Sophia and Hilarie, along with guest cohost Bevin Prince (aka Bevin) discuss how Hilarie was responsible for Bevin’s character being named Bevin. After her time on One Tree Hill, Bevin went back to waiting tables and customers constantly asked her if she changed her name to Bevin because of her character, Bevin.

Plus, Bevin shares what Sophia did that completely changed her journey on One Tree Hill.

Drama Queens releases a new episode every Sunday. Check out all of our other content related to the podcast here. As always, stay tuned for more updates.

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