‘Dexter: New Blood’ Recap: Episode 7 “Skin of Her Teeth”


In this week’s Dexter: New Blood, Angela finally arrests someone for Iris’ murder. But will it be enough? Meanwhile, Dexter flirts with the idea of killing Kurt, and another not-so-friendly face pops up. Read on to find out what happens in “Skin of Her Teeth.”

Warning: Spoilers don’t burn. Proceed with caution.

To Kill or Not to Kill

dexter: new blood episode 7
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The episode kicks off as Dexter examines Iris’ body. He notices she was shot from behind, but her ultimate cause of death was being buried alive under the rocks. He soon notices something on her tooth, removing it to find skin tissue. She bit her attacker. Not only that, but Angela also now has DNA (albeit 25-years-old DNA) to run against Kurt. Before wrapping up, Angela shares her theory.

Dexter and Harrison have breakfast, and once Harrison leaves for work, Deb appears and Dexter mentions he doesn’t trust Kurt because he’s a killer (and Deb reminds Dexter that he is, too). Deb thinks Dexter should kill Kurt, but he’s not quite there yet, thinking about the potential fallout. For now, he’ll let ILPD handle it. So, he shows Angela where Kurt’s cabin is, explaining everything that happened with him, Kurt, and Molly. When they finally manage to get inside, the room has been entirely stripped – no furniture, no camera, no flooring, no wallpaper. Angela isn’t too concerned; they’re ahead thanks to the DNA. Dexter reminds her it’s 25-years-old and decides he may have to kill Kurt after all.

Later, Dexter goes to check on Harrison at the truck stop. Inside the diner, Kurt shows up and talks with Jim in a clear attempt to goad him. Kurt mentions how Harrison doesn’t seem to like it at home, to which Jim says the same about Matt. Kurt follows up by mentioning how Jim has been such a good friend, including that one time he brought Kurt home when it was snowing (aka the night Dexter incinerated Matt’s body). Moments later, Angela and Logan arrive to arrest Kurt.

Things We Didn’t Lose in the Fire

dexter: new blood episode 7
Seacia Pavao/SHOWTIME

Logan and Angela bring Kurt to the station to process him. Angela sits in her office when Molly enters, thrilled about the recent development. Angela, though, is angry Molly didn’t listen. So, she shuts down their partnership. Shortly after, Dexter texts to see if Kurt talked yet. Eventually, he does. Just not with anything Angela wants to hear. He claims he has no part in whatever happened to Iris, going so far to say he didn’t know her. Angela sees right through him. She then explains they combed through his phone records – cell, laptop, work, everything – ending with the rest of her theory. In response, Kurt begins to patronize her. When Angela brings up the DNA, he changes his tune and demands his lawyer.

Meanwhile, Dexter later sets Mrs. Gross’ sheep loose (again), using it as a ruse to get Teddy out of the station. Dexter goes to see Kurt in the holding cell. He tells Kurt to stay away from Harrison. He mentions the envelope Harrison was tasked with giving him earlier, which contained a single screw. Kurt is utterly unphased, despite Dexter stating something always gets left behind. Kurt fires back, bringing up the night Jim drove him home and that the snow was actually ash. He lands a final kicker, saying that titanium doesn’t burn. The screw Dexter received was titanium, and it was previously residing in Matt’s body.

A Sob Story for the Ages

At the station, Kurt talks with his lawyer, who tells Angela and Logan that Kurt wants to make a statement. His statement, however, mostly begins as a sob story about his childhood. His father – a trucker – used to bring Kurt on his routes. Elder Caldwell would pick up women and harm them (while Kurt was in the truck). To drown the screaming out, Kurt would listen to Del Shannon’s “Runaway.” Angela grows impatient, wanting Kurt to get to the point. Eventually, Kurt shares he began to take his own routes, and occasionally, his and his father’s paths would cross. According to Kurt, on one of his father’s routes, his father picked up Iris. In a flashback, we see that it’s actually a young Kurt. He recounts the story, claiming everything that happened was all his father. When Iris tells young Kurt she’s leaving town (and that it was supposed to be with Angela), he decides to bring her home instead. But Iris doesn’t want to go back, so she tries to exit the (moving) truck. Kurt attempts to stop her, but she manages to escape. She runs, but Kurt shoots her in the back. (And thus, the birth of his MO.)

Angela refuses to believe Kurt’s father did all this. In her office, she tells the DA there’s a greater chance the DNA confirms it was Kurt. However, the DA takes the chance it’s not and uses that as reasonable enough doubt to acquit him. So, they have to release to Kurt.

Putting Two and Two Together

dexter: new blood episode 7
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After everything with Kurt, Angela heads to the tavern. Molly joins her, listening as Angela shares her frustration and disappointment. Molly can relate and offers comfort. Angela feels at fault for what happened with Iris, but Molly tries to move her away from taking the blame. She leads the conversation into Kurt, mentioning how he’s always seemed kind of creepy. As she talks, she remembers how Jim managed to show up at exactly the right moment. Angela initially brushes it off, telling Molly that Jim overheard her conversation with Kurt. But that doesn’t make sense. He couldn’t possibly hear them from where he was sitting. Soon, she deduces Jim recorded them. Angela also mentions how Jim was talking to Kurt even after he knew Kurt was her prime suspect. Molly doesn’t really put too much stock into it, though. Because why would Jim Lindsay hide anything from his girlfriend, the Chief of Police? (Yeah, JIM. What could you possibly be hiding.)

When Molly leaves, we see Kurt sitting and watching her across the way in his truck. And he looks pretty irked. Will Molly be his next victim?

What Nightmares May Come

dexter: new blood episode 7
Seacia Pavao/SHOWTIME

Dexter gives Harrison a ride to his next shift. While Harrison works, Dexter breaks into Kurt’s office in search of more titanium screws. Instead, he finds an envelope containing a check for someone named Elric Kane. When he leaves, he overhears two employees say Kurt was released. It’s official: Dexter’s going to have to kill Kurt.

Meanwhile, Harrison is confronted by a few Moose Creek kids. They seem ready to attack when Harrison slashes one of them on the arm with the straight razor. Dexter stops him before he can do more damage. Dexter wants to talk, but Harrison doesn’t. However, he eventually admits Dexter was right about Harrison being messed up. He shares nightmares he has, and as he explains, we see flashes of that fateful day. A person holding a straight razor stands from the bathtub, though they’re blurry. Harrison continues that once he heard the podcast, everything came back. He remembers Rita’s murder, and the mystery person comes into focus: Trinity. (Welcome back, John Lithgow!)

Harrison continues, expressing his anger and how he thinks about hurting everyone. Before Dexter can say much in response, Harrison leaves. Dexter heads to his truck, firmly deciding it’s time to tell Harrison everything. As in EVERYTHING everything. But before he can even get into the truck, the man who gave Harrison the envelope (perhaps he’s Elric Kane?) grabs Dexter.

Other Noteworthy Moments

  • Earlier in the season, Dexter noted how Harrison even eats like him. This episode, it especially jumps out. When the two eat breakfast together, they do so in nearly the exact same manner.
  • On his first day of work, Harrison’s prep also (eerily) mirrors how Dexter prepares for a kill.
  • Harrison asks Audrey to hang out again, but she’s a little on edge. While she doesn’t seem angry, she is concerned about what Harrison did during the wrestling match. He ends the conversation after that.
  • Abraham and Miriam are at home when Abraham notices something outside. He brings Miriam out to see the Seneca people, including Angela and Audrey, gathered to support her. Angela confirms they got Kurt, and Miriam wants him to pay for Iris.

Dexter: New Blood airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on Showtime. Keep up with our weekly recaps here, and the rest of our coverage here.

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