‘Dexter: New Blood’ Recap: Episode 5 “Runaway”

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This week on Dexter: New Blood, Molly and Angela decide to pursue new information about Matt, and a face Dexter fans know well returns. Meanwhile, Dexter’s paternal instinct kicks into deadly high gear. Read on to find out what happens in “Runaway.”

Warning: Run away now if you don’t want spoilers.

The Razor Shaped Elephant in the Room

dexter new blood episode 5
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Dexter waits for Harrison and ponders the razor, wondering if Harrison remembers. Deb reminds him that he remembers what happened in the shipping container, but Dexter thinks it’s different. As they talk, Dexter begins to think telling Harrison about himself is a good idea, but Deb thinks otherwise. Harrison arrives and clocks Jim holding the razor. Harrison tells him it was for self-defense purposes. When Jim asks why Harrison brought it to school, Harrison gets extremely defensive. After a brief argument, Harrison leaves.

Soon, Jim heads to the tavern, visibly upset. Tess tries to comfort him, offering information for a therapist. Kurt wanders in, appearing to be a little drunk but jovial, nonetheless. Tess says he does that every couple of months as Kurt goes to play “Runaway” by by Del Shannon on the jukebox. Kurt pulls Tess from behind the bar to dance as Jim watches. (Knowing that Kurt currently has Chloe, it seems like this is part of his ritual.)

Straight-Up Not Having a Good Time

dexter new blood episode 5
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Zach and Scott bring Harrison to a party, tastefully dubbed “The Kill List Party,” where everyone on Ethan’s list attends. Harrison seems uncomfortable at first, but then displays enthusiasm. Throughout, people laud him and act generally weird towards him. One girl kisses him before giving him ecstasy. Harrison clearly isn’t doing well, moving around in a haze. He eventually ends up with Scott, who gives Harrison another pill. Scott leaves and Audrey finds him. Harrison tells her that Jim doesn’t believe him. He continues by saying that Jim Lindsay isn’t even his real name. (Oh boy.) He asks if Audrey believes him before passing out. Audrey calls 911 when he doesn’t wake up.

Logan arrives and administers Narcan before bringing Harrison to the hospital. Jim arrives and the doctor fills him in on what she found in Harrison’s system. In the hallway, Logan finds the silver lining. Jim, however, is far too irritated to hear it. But he does learn who gave Scott the pills and his general location. Harrison and Jim leave, and Deb has a major “I told you so” moment. (I also found it particularly interesting she never stepped outside the hospital during this.) When they reach the car, Jim tells Harrison he’s going to therapy.

Just a Little Protective

dexter new blood episode 5
Seacia Pavao/SHOWTIME

After setting Harrison up with breakfast, Jim heads out. Before he goes anywhere, though, he grabs some black trash bags from the shed. Next, he heads to see his livestock vet, Dr. Patel. Dexter claims he needs meds for his goat. As she’s currently preoccupied, Dr. Patel tells him where to find ketamine, also saying he can take syringes and anything else he needs when he asks. So, he grabs the ketamine, a couple of syringes, and plastic wrap.

Nearly ready for a kill, Dexter heads to Crystal Bar, where he stalks Miles. He manages to get Miles outside to tranq him. But Logan and Teddy have impeccable timing and drive up almost in time to see what’s going on. Dexter covers, resorting to beating Miles in a fit of rage. They go back to the station, where Logan questions Miles. Dexter strategically places himself within hearing range. Thanks to that and some additional slick moves, he learns Miles’ supplier’s name (Jasper) and address.

Dexter then heads to Jasper’s. Deb tries to talk him out of it. She wants Dexter to focus on being a good dad, and Dexter thinks he is. But he’s acting out of vengeance, not his urges or the Code. He doesn’t care. The house has just enough evidence to fit the Code anyway. Dexter gets in and gets Jasper on his table, in a kill room (with the return of the victim photos!) set up in the house. However, as Dexter is about to kill Jasper, he hears something outside. It’s Logan. Dexter changes his plans, forcing Jasper to inhale some drugs before cutting him free and leaving him for the police to find.

Routine, Routine, Broken Routine

Kurt shows Chloe the room he’s offering, and she’s beyond thrilled. Soon, though, she realizes she’s trapped and spots the camera. She concocts a strategy to goad Kurt. First, she begins removing her shirt, and through a mic, he tells her to stop. But she doesn’t, removing her bra until Kurt angrily shuts the camera off for the time being. When she lies on the bed, she reveals a large mirror shard.

Kurt begins prepping to kill her. He opens the door to let her out, saying she can leave. Instead, she demands he makes her. He heads to the room, and she attacks, slicing his cheek with the shard. He drags her outside, but the kill doesn’t go as planned. Chloe still dies, but Kurt’s entire routine is thrown off balance. Irritated, he heads to his diner, where he runs into Harrison, who was leaving town. Kurt buys Harrison a meal and asks what’s next. He imparts advice Harrison doesn’t want before offering (rather irately) Harrison a job.

An Angel Lands in New York

dexter new blood episode 5
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Angela and Molly are at the station. Logan tells them he ran Matt’s credit card and got a hit at the hotel. Angela is annoyed, wanting to scold Matt in person. So, Molly says they should go to Manhattan. (She also wants to salvage her podcast episode.) Angela agrees, mentioning a law enforcement conference about missing persons she wants to attend.

They reach the hotel, and Logan calls Angela to tell her about the party and that Audrey is safe. Meanwhile, Molly tries to sweet talk information out of the front desk attendant, Thomas. He refuses to tell her anything until Angela flashes her badge. They learn Matt checked out the previous night. With a little more pushing, Thomas agrees to show them security footage later. Once they get it, they see the man is assuredly not Matthew Caldwell.

They head to the conference, where the one and only CAPTAIN Angel Batista (we really, really, really missed him) discusses how Miami Metro broke the Bay Harbor Butcher case – information that can be useful to Angela. After, Angela finds him and tells him about the missing girls. She knows something is off. He tells her to listen to her instinct. As he gets up to get drinks, he says this reminds him of the Trinity Killer case, and how a detective – Debra Morgan – helped break it by following her instinct. (Have you started sweating nervously yet?) Angela thinks Debra could help. But Batista breaks the news she died… along with her brother… who left behind a son. A son whose name Batista doesn’t remember… until he does. Harrison.

Hello, Whatever Your Real Name Is

Angela gets home, and Audrey is waiting for her. Angela assures Audrey she’s not mad about what happened. Thanks to Audrey, Harrison is alive. But something’s still bothering Audrey. She tells Angela what Harrison said at the party, about Jim Lindsay’s real name not being Jim Lindsay. That plus the information she gained from Batista is enough to prompt Angela to do some digging. And she finds Dexter Morgan’s obituary, complete with a photo.

Other Noteworthy Moments

  • Harrison was supposed to go to his first therapy session. Obviously, this doesn’t happen. But Jim doesn’t know that. How long until he finds out Harrison lied and tried to run away? And how will it affect their increasingly rocky relationship?
  • Did you recognize that end credit song? If you didn’t, it’s called “Ketamine,” by Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum. One of their three members is none other than Dexter himself, Michael C. Hall. Find “Ketamine” and the rest of the group’s music on Apple Music, Spotify, and iTunes.

Dexter: New Blood airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on Showtime. Keep up with our weekly recaps here, and the rest of our coverage here.

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