‘Walker’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 5 “Partners and Third Wheels”


After a week off due to Thanksgiving, Walker is back this week with the fifth episode of the second season. Let’s dive in!

The Case of Mac Lippey

Cordell arrives at the station giving out breakfast and Micki gives him the cold shoulder. Captain James explains that he put her on desk duty. He also tells Cordell that he’s started dating, and he asks if Cordell has cleared the air with Geri yet.

Liam arrives at the station to tell them about a body that has turned up for someone that was reported missing years ago, Mac Lippey. Captain James tells Micki she’s running point in the station. Liam and Cordell head to the construction site where the body was found and find out Mac was murdered right around the time he went missing years ago. They spot a woman there come onto the scene and go to stop her, but she runs away and hops on a dirtbike and Cordell chases after her. She gets over a mound of dirt and Cordell loses her.

Liam arrives back at the station and talks to Micki, and the two talk about how infuriating Cordell is to work with. Micki talks to Liam a little bit about how she’s feeling after the undercover sting. Liam tells Micki that a part of him was relieved that he didn’t get DA because he wasn’t sure he could live up to the William Walker he promised to be.

Liam and Micki bring in Mac’s brother to talk to him. He says they had some car trouble and Mac walked to the gas station while he stayed with the car, and then he never saw him again. He says to check into the owners of the construction site, as there was some bad blood between them. While interviewing Mac’s brother, Micki gets a text that forensics has traced the owner of the gun. Liam and Micki arrive at Carter Fassbender’s office, the owner of the construction site, whose gun was reported stolen three years ago. One of the bullets was the one that killed Mac. Carter says that Mac’s brother bailed on a meeting because of car trouble and having his car towed, which raises suspicions to Liam and Micki. They see a girl in the office, who Micki identifies as Mac’s daughter, Willa. Liam says that’s the same girl who evaded Cordell at the crime scene.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Liam and Micki are interrogating her, and she won’t answer at first. She said she didn’t get answers but saw them dig up her father’s body today. She said she didn’t kill her father but she doesn’t have anything else to say. Micki tells Liam that she clearly knows something, and they decide to put a tail on her.

Walker arrives to meet Liam and Micki, saying they had someone follow Willa and she arrived at their location after leaving the station. Cordell wants Micki with him but she’s hesitant saying she’s supposed to be desk duty only. Micki says what if she’s not ready, and Cordell says he’s got her back.

The two enter knock on the door, and then Micki sees a gun through the window. Cordell breaks the door down to find Mac’s brother, Remi, tied up, and Willa holding a gun to him. Willa puts the gun down, saying she’s holding the gun he stole to kill Mac. Willa gets Remi to confess to Mac’s murder. Willa picks up the gun again, and Micki uses her story with Garrison to try and talk her down. She puts the gun down again, dropping it, and Micki runs over to grab her.

Liam and Cordell walk away from the house where Liam says Remi’s car was towed from the construction site, putting him at the crime scene. It makes the case solid. Cordell and Liam say they need to work through their issues and need to stop fighting. Liam says he’ll try being civil to the Davidsons, and they both hug it out.

At the station, Cordell and Micki talk, with Cordell apologizing, saying he wanted her out in the field right away and he didn’t realize the way she came back home was different than when he did. Micki’s emotional as he apologizes, and she said with Willa she started to understand what she has been feeling since Del Rio and Garrison. The two talk about the job and how it changes you, but that when you do, you can only hope it changes for the better. Micki says Cordell is not the only one who deserves to know how she’s been feeling, alluding to Trey.

Fishing Trip

At the Ranch, Abeline, Bonham, Stella, and Augie take a look at the map that was found in the last episode. Stella and Augie promise to do some chores around the house while Bonham and Abeline go fishing, but the kids are also planning to secretly have some friends over.

Trey wakes up to an empty bedside and sees a note on his nightstand that she’ll be home for lunch. Trey arrives at the ranch to see Bonham and Abeline with lunch, saying that he cooked for Micki who was supposed to arrive but he didn’t. Bonham invites Trey on the fishing trip, and he goes with him.

The three arrive at a beautiful lake, attached to a home and property for sale. Bonham tells Abeline that he thought about what she said before (potentially leaving the ranch) and that he’s thinking about it. Trey talks to them about maybe Augie and Stella taking over the ranch one day.

Trey, Bonham, and Abeline end their fishing trip with a bunch of fish. Trey talks to Bonham about Micki, and their relationship. Bonham says Micki will sort out her feelings for Garrison, and Trey asks who Garrison was. Bonham backtracks, saying he may have gotten the stories crossed, leaving Trey more confused.

The Party and the Barn

Stella and Augie invite a lot of people over to the ranch, and there’s a whole party going on. Some girls ask Stella about what’s going on with her and Todd, and she said they’re just hanging out. They talk about the Davidsons’ barn, and Stella asks Todd to take a walk with her to the barn. Some other friends tell Augie that anyone who steps foot in the barn has bad luck, so he heads over to follow Stella.

Stella and Todd are talking on the walk, and Todd says he’s been hoping to spend more time with her. They hear something and run to the barn to see Augie climbing the barn. Augie falls through the roof of the barn and he ends up finding a lantern with the Walker brand on it.

Back at the ranch, Trey, Bonham, and Abeline arrive back home to see the party. Stella and Augie are caught red-handed, and Bonham says he doesn’t feel proud about what they decided to do to this ranch. Abeline says no matter what, this will always be their home, it’s where they grew up. Bonham takes the horseshoe out of Augie’s hand, and Bonham says they’re going to beat them at the game, but that they still are in trouble.

Augie seems to have hurt his shoulder as they get ready to play horseshoes, probably from the fall at the barn.

The Side Step

At the Side Step, Captain James is there with his date, Jillian, and Geri arrives with a date. Cordell plays pool with Cap and sees Geri seem upset. Cordell goes over to them, and Geri tells Cordell her date is Drew and they met at a grief group. Geri says it’s put a lot into perspective for her. Geri says when she saw him and Denise last week it made her mad. Cordell tries explaining it wasn’t real, but she doesn’t believe him. Geri says that sometimes she still thinks Hoyt is locked up and will walk through the doors one day. Drew comes back and sees Cordell holding Geri’s hands as they talk and says his hands are on his date.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Cordell and Captain James get into a small argument because Cordell saw a Mustang keychain in Jillian’s purse and Cap didn’t know. As they’re talking, Cordell answers a call and steps away.

After the case with Willa, Mac, and Remi, Cordell arrives back at the Side Step to find Captain James and that Jillian has left. Cap says he was right and that Jillian wasn’t ready to move on from her ex. Geri is behind the bar, and Cordell goes to speak to her but she says tonight’s not the night. Geri pours a drink and tells Cordell it’s from a lady across the bar, and Cordell goes to thank her.

Who is Garrison?

Micki arrives home and sees the painting, with a sticky note on it that says “Who is Garrison?” as she looks towards the closed bedroom door.

Walker has one more episode airing on December 9 before the holiday break. Walker will return on January 27 with episode seven.

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