‘Dexter: New Blood’ Recap: Episode 4 “H Is for Hero”


This week marks the 100th episode of Dexter! In tonight’s episode of Dexter: New Blood, Angela gains an ally in her search for the missing girls. Meanwhile, serious trouble goes down at Harrison’s school. And it’s a doozy. Read on to find out what happens in “H Is for Hero.”

Warning: No heroics here. Spoilers galore.

Help Me Help You

dexter new blood episode 4
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Like the good podcaster she is, Molly continues to try and gain more info from Angela. However, her motives go beyond Matt’s case. Eventually, Molly meets with Angela, with alcohol. She wants to befriend Angela. And help her. Molly’s found one of Angela’s missing girls, as well as discovered two more who are missing. We also get answers about Iris. She was Angela’s best friend in high school. One day, she went missing. No one looked for her. That’s what prompted Angela to dedicate part of her career to finding those missing girls. So, Molly proposes an alliance. This time, Angela is much more willing.

Demolished Bridge Over Troubled Water

dexter new blood episode 4
Seacia Pavao/SHOWTIME

The beginning of the episode sees Deb walk through how Kurt could tie Matt back to Jim. That old rhythm between them is back, even if it’s just his own brain. Meanwhile, Harrison seems to be adjusting to Iron Lake and finding his own rhythm with Jim. The two go about their day. It’s not all smiles, though. At school, Harrison decides to listen to Molly’s podcast. His episode of choice? The one about Trinity.

Cue Jim receiving an emergency alert from the school. When he arrives, paramedics wheel out Ethan, a deep gash on his leg. (I wonder who else used to slash his victims’ legs.) Angela asks Harrison what happened. According to him, Ethan was planning to kill his classmates, and he wanted Harrison’s help. Harrison tried to bring Ethan to talk to someone instead. Ethan didn’t like that. So, he pulled a knife and stabbed Harrison. Eventually, Harrison grappled the knife away from Ethan and managed to cut his leg. As he explains, Logan searches through Ethan’s bag and finds Ethan’s sketchbook. You know, the sketchbook full of disturbing drawings. Oh, and a kill list!

That night, Harrison is still distressed (naturally). Dexter can relate, flashing back to the day he was “born” in the shipping container. However, he only confirms he understands. He can’t offer much in the way of comfort. Deb continues to add salt to the wound. She tells Dexter that Harrison is completely unlike him. Because of this, Dexter will never be able to connect to his son.

Fact or Fiction?

The following morning, Jim tends to Harrison and questions him about the incident. Something’s not adding up. (There’s that lizard brain hard at work.) Deb thinks Dexter is out of his mind. Harrison is traumatized. His reaction makes sense for normal people. Soon, Jim heads to the station to re-examine the photos from the scene. He finds Angela (and Audrey, who learns she was on Ethan’s list), letting her know there’s new info. Jim still isn’t convinced Harrison was telling the truth. Unfortunately, he’s right.

dexter new blood episode 4
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So, Jim heads back to the school. Deb berates him. Dexter doesn’t hear it; he’s back in blood spatter analyst mode. (Ah, we missed that.) As he assesses and recreates the scene, he begins to piece everything together. He starts with Harrison’s recounting, but the blood doesn’t match. And if Dexter Morgan taught us anything, it’s that blood never lies. Deb continues her scolding; she believes he’s deliberately trying to find darkness where there is none. Still, Dexter continues. Next, he examines the scene as if Harrison attacked Ethan from behind and then stabbed himself. (Dexter also confirms that the spot Harrison attacked Ethan almost matches Trinity’s kill spot for his bath victims.) This time, the blood spatter matches. Dexter was right. Deb wonders why Harrison would do this, to which Dexter responds, “He wanted to know what it felt like.”

The next day, Jim again tries to question a defensive Harrison. Before he can get much information, Kurt arrives. He brings a gift for Harrison, and shortly after, Harrison heads out. Kurt stays back to talk to Jim. He tells Jim about how Harrison is a good kid, unlike Matt. Kurt admits his guilt about raising someone like Matt. Jim attempts to console him, mentioning the boat accident (mistake). He catches himself, but it’s too late. Kurt is suspicious of Jim and they both know it.

When Kurt leaves, Angela calls and Jim heads to the station. Angela tells him that Ethan revealed what happened. Of course, it matches what Jim pieced together. Despite hearing the truth, Angela attributes it to Ethan being troubled. She says they’re moving forward with their case against Ethan. She offers to put Jim in touch with a lawyer, but he declines. Does Angela really believe Harrison’s version, or does she just not want to believe Ethan’s?

Appearances Can be Misleading

Thanks to Kurt citing that Matt is alive, Jim is wary of him. He follows Kurt to one of his truck stops. Jim watches from a distance as Kurt talks with a girl near the entrance. Later, we learn the girl’s name is Chloe. Though she and Kurt don’t seem to know each other too personally, they get along well. She needs money for bus fare. (Hmm. This story is sounding familiar.) It turns out Kurt previously gave her fare, but she needed other provisions. He declines to give her more money. But Kurt, being the real stand-up guy he is, offers her a job… and a place to stay. Where does he bring her? To the same place where Lily was held captive and later killed. Kurt is our mystery creep.

Like Father…

The final sequence of the episode goes back and forth between the school, Dexter, and the above revelation about Kurt. (And I just have to applaud the incredible editing during this.) First, Logan talks to the group of kids who were on Ethan’s kill list, plus Harrison. He offers support and urges them to be understanding with each other. Harrison begins to look increasingly guilty. During this, Jim frantically searches Harrison’s room. He’s looking for the knife Harrison used.

Back at the school, Logan asks if anyone wants to say anything. Zach applauds Harrison and riles up everyone to get Harrison to give a speech. Harrison mentions it was awful what happened. Then, he calls out everyone else for being awful to Ethan. And still, Jim searches. Finally, he finds what he’s looking for.

But it’s not a knife he finds. It’s a straight razor. Like the one Trinity used. Deb stands by the door in shock. Dexter flashes back to the night he found Rita, with Deb reminding that, like Dexter, Harrison was born in blood. Deb’s heart shatters. Dexter, though… Dexter seems almost elated, proud.

“He has my Dark Passenger.”

He cradles the razor, holding it to his face. And maybe he was trying to mask it, or maybe not – but just before we cut to credits, a smile crosses his face.

Other Noteworthy Moments

  • This week, Angela learns about Matt allegedly being alive. Kurt claims Matt is in the city, answering all of Angela’s questions. He responds as if Matt is undoubtedly among the living. But Matt is dead. Right? We didn’t all have a shared hallucination? So, Kurt. What’s the deal, pal? As the old adage goes, “It takes one to know one.” Now that we know Kurt is a proverbial “one,” how much does he suspect Jim?
  • After the chaos at the high school, Harrison goes to visit Ethan in the hospital. He talks with Ethan’s parents. Ethan’s mother is (understandably) upset that Harrison didn’t tell them. Ethan’s father, while upset, is grateful that, because of Harrison, it wasn’t worse. Still, they’re pariahs now. They’re leaving town and never want to see Harrison again.

Whew, what an episode. Stay tuned for our upcoming article taking a deeper dive into what the heck just happened.

Dexter: New Blood airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on Showtime. Keep up with our weekly recaps here, and the rest of our coverage here.

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