Danhausen Receives Very Nice, Very Evil Action Figure, Now Available for Pre-Order!


Pro wrestler Danhausen has received his very first licensed action figure from Zombie Sailor!

The figure comes complete with Danhausen’s signature cape, his human monies bag, stacks of cash, and his jar of teeth that he brings to the ring in every match. These extras will only be available for pre-orders.

Zombie Sailor sells figures, pins, t-shirts, and more in the wrestling community and beyond. Danhausen’s figure is part of the Wrestling’s Heels and Faces line of figures, with the vintage design.

The Danhausen action figure will ship in the second quarter of 2022 and is available for pre-order on the Zombie Sailor website now. Pre-orders are open for two weeks, so be sure to order one or prepare to be cursed.

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