‘Walker’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 4 “It’s Not What You Think”


After last’s week Chili Cookoff, Cordell’s confession to Abeline and then finding the camera hidden, this week was sure to be tense! Read on below to find out what happened in this week’s Walker.

The Cameras and The Operation

Knowing that there’s at least one camera in the Walker house from the last episode, Cordell brings his entire family to the Side Step to let them know they’re being watched. Liam voices that he believes it’s the Davidsons, but Cordell shuts that idea down quickly saying it’s Serano and the two get into an argument over it.

Cordell and Micki arrive in Captain James’ office, where Denise is. She informs them that they have little on Serano for their case. Cordell tells them about the camera, and they come up with a plan to lure them out. We see Cordell and Denise at the Ranch, and they stage it to look like they’re having an affair as Micki and Captain James watch on from another location. During this whole act, Geri shows up, saying she needs to tell Cordell something but then sees Denise, which creates a huge misunderstanding as Geri isn’t aware of what’s going on.

Denise and Cordell walk back to the barn where Captain James and Micki are, and Cordell texts Geri that they need to talk. Micki asks Cordell if he wants Denise to leave if she’s a distraction. Cordell tells Micki that he’s sympathetic to what she’s going through and Micki gets angry saying it has nothing to do with Garrison and she just doesn’t want a distraction.

Liam arrives at the barn, a little upset that no one called him and left him out. Liam pulls Cordell aside, saying he researched the cameras and they’re transmitting over a local receiver and that whoever is watching them is close, deepening his suspicions of the Davidsons. Denise overhears some of the conversations, and Liam covers and says they need to check out her house, too.

Denise arrives home, and Cordell follows quickly after because he’s suspicious after what Liam had said. Micki calls on the radio saying there’s a perp heading towards Walker ranch. Micki throws on her vest and takes off ignoring Captain James’ orders. Captain James and Liam grab guns and follow Micki.

Cordell and Denise see smoke from a fire (the one Dan set.) Micki falls off the ATV into a fence and gets hurt. Liam arrives at the ranch, gun in tow, as the perp (Earl) is in the house with the hard drive. Gunshots go off as Liam fires off warning shots.

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Dan, Earl and The Cameras

In this episode we see a lot of Dan watching the cameras after he bought them last episode. One of the men from Serano’s crew that was watching the cameras, Earl, is still there with Dan. We find out that Dan and Denise have been in marriage counseling, too. Dan sees Denise and Cordell on the cameras, looking like they have an affair, which causes more turmoil.

Dan and Earl get into an argument because Earl says the footage will disbar Denise and she won’t have any evidence to prosecute Serano. Earl says he’d sneak in and steal a hard drive that Denise brought over.

Dan goes to leave the surveillance room to meet Denise at counseling. Earl tells him not to go but then realizes if Dan leaves and meets Denise he can go and get the hard drive. Denise calls Dan, and tells him the situation about the cameras. Dan does not let Earl in, thinking that he’s still going to counseling.

Earl leaves, heading to the Walker ranch to grab the hard drive, gun in hand. Dan sees him leave and grabs everything, showing he has a gun in his pocket. He grabs a can of kerosene and douses the surveillance room in it.

Dan ends up saving Liam and shoots Earl, and Earl dies. Dan lies to Denise and the Rangers, saying that he saw the smoke from the fire and headed over to make sure it didn’t spread and that’s how he ended up on the property. Cordell goes to talk to Dan and Denise, and thanks Dan, and hopes to put any bad blood behind them.

Cordell and Liam are fixing the Davidsons’ fence later, and Liam is still angry and suspicious of them. Cordell is adamant that they’re not the bad guys, but Liam doesn’t agree. Cordell says he never should have listened to Liam. Denise arrives and tells Cordell that she’s upset because she was suspected of putting cameras in the Walkers’ home, and that her family needs to heal.

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Micki, Trey, and Garrison

We see Micki still seeing visions of Garrison dying, putting her on edge. As we go through the episode, as mentioned in previous sections, Micki’s constantly on edge and you can tell she’s still dealing with the situation with Serrano’s crew and Garrison.

After the shooting and fire, Captain James talks to Micki, and the two agree that she rushed into everything, including coming back to work.

Micki arrives home to Trey, and Micki snaps at Trey when he tries to check on her. Trey says he knows she needs time and that it’s ok, but she says it’s not and he agrees and that they’re not ok, but they can be. Micki tearfully tells him she has a lot she has to deal with, and that she needs to take a step back.

Stella and the SATs

Stella is nervous about taking the SATs, and Liam drops her off from school, giving her a pep talk. Todd appears as Stella walks up to the school, and Stella tells him that she feels like she’s going to fail. Trey is proctoring the SATs, and Stella is having issues, where she’s worried about the cameras. Afterward, Stella tells Trey she’s upset and she can’t talk about it. Todd comes up, confident, but sees Stella upset and excuses himself to the bathroom. As Trey’s talking to Stella, the fire sprinklers go off, making everything wet.

Stella and Todd walk out of the school, and Stella thanks Todd for the fire sprinklers, and Todd says he “pleads the fifth.” Stella thanks him again and hugs him as Liam picks Stella up from the tests, as they got rescheduled because of the sprinklers.

The Fate of the Ranch

After Cordell alerts the family about the cameras at the ranch, Bonham and Abeline talk about potentially selling the ranch. They talk about spending the golden years being under surveillance, or with neighbors that hate them. The conversation was shelved once Augie came back. After the shooting, Augie, Bonham and Abeline are standing outside of the house when forensics comes out and says they found a box inside of the wall with the Walker emblem on it. Inside was an old gun with what looks like a map for the ranch.

Walker airs on Thursday nights on The CW. You can catch up on all of our Walker coverage, here.

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