K.Flay Releases New Single “Weirdo” Out Now!


Not one to stay quiet for long, alternative artist K.Flay has released yet another single, titled “Weirdo,” the latest in a long line of new content she’s dropped this year.

With the release of her EP Inside Voices earlier this year, K.Flay has been riding high on a wave of new releases. Following up Inside Voices with two new singles, “Nothing Can Kill Us” released in October, and now “Weirdo,” it’s apparent the singer has no plans to slow down anything soon—especially with her new upcoming EP Outside Voices. She has described Outside Voices as being the second part of her journey which began in her previous 5-track EP Inside Voices.

Commenting on the new single on Instagram, K.Flay stated “Weirdo” is for anyone who has ever feel excluded for being too different or lost in their own identity. She hopes this song will inspire people to reexamine the assumptions they make about others and “take a moment to consider what that might mean about your own identity or insecurities. Think about whether that very same weirdness might live inside you too.”

Make sure to listen to K.Flay’s latest single “Weirdo” below! Stay tuned for more information about her touring schedule and her upcoming EP Outside Voices, which drops on November 19!

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