Tuesday, March 28, 2023

K.Flay’s New Single “Nothing Can Kill Us” Out Now!

MUSICK.Flay's New Single “Nothing Can Kill Us” Out Now!

After the release of her recent EP Inside Voices, K.Flay has released multiple singles as well, the latest being “Nothing Can Kill Us.”

Produced by Sir Sly’s Jason Suwito, “Nothing Can Kill Us” is the beginning of the next chapter of K.Flay’s story. Following the release of her five-track EP Inside Voices earlier this year, K.Flay revealed that Inside Voices is only part one of the story. The second part will be another EP titled Outside Voices. “Nothing Can Kill Us” is the first single off of Outside Voices, which will drop November 19.

Commenting on the new single on Instagram, K.Flay stated “Nothing Can Kill Us” was inspired by a period of heartbreak. Specifically, the emotions and thoughts connected to the idea of losing the people we love, and how even though it might hurt, the love we feel for them can also change us for the better. In K.Flay’s words, “Nothing Can Kill Us” is the most fitting reminder that, “Even if someone is gone, it doesn’t mean they left you.”

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Make sure to listen to K.Flay’s new single “Nothing Can Kill Us” below! Also, if you would like to see K.Flay perform live, she has multiple tour dates scheduled starting January 2022, which can be found here.

To celebrate Inside Voices and Outside Voices, K.Flay is also putting together a special art project titled “Journey to Leopard’s Mind: The Fall And Rise Of K.Flay, IV & OV.” With all proceeds going to the LA-based non-profit ProjectQ to support LGBTQIA+ youth, this project will tell the story of the two EPs in comic format with each panel drawn by a different artist. Wanting to feature the artistic talent of the fans in her community, K.Flay is asking anyone interested to sign up to draw a panel on her official website here.

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