‘9-1-1’: Recap Season 5, Episode 7 “Ghost Stories”

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9-1-1 once again delivered an episode full of tense calls and emotional moments for the crew of the 118! Let’s dive in to the biggest moments from “Ghost Stories”.

The Case of the Buried Man

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This episode kicks off with a very unusual call for May. A man is buried alive, and the 118 must race to find him before he suffocates. May works with the 118 (Buck using a very cool sound sensitive tool) to detect the man screaming underground. From here, things only get weirder. Never one to miss a dramatic moment, Taylor is on scene reporting. Over the course of the episode, she and Detective Ransone butt heads as they both try to figure out who is responsible, chasing their own versions of the story to hunt down the culprit. Ransone discovers the buried man put a hit on his wife (who found out because said hit man fell in love with her and told her the truth), so they retaliated and tried to kill the husband instead. Obviously, things went very wrong. At the end of the episode, Buck confronts Taylor for trying to confront the murderer (that’s the cops’ job, says Buck) and they get in a little tiff about her drive to uncover the truth. As Buck sleeps, she looks at an ongoing case on her laptop and is rather emotional. It seems there might be a ghost or two in her past as well. What truth isn’t she sharing?

Hen and Karen Get Closure

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It’s been a bumpy few years for Hen and Karen as Eva made a threatening reentrance into their lives, Hen started medical school, and they became foster parents. This week saw Hen’s own past ghosts return to haunt her again when Eva arrives at the station “to talk” (a.k.a., she’s one of her 12 steps). Eva informs her she’s moving away and asks for Hen’s forgiveness. Hen doesn’t give it to her, and Karen is less than pleased with this information when Hen tells her. In a brilliant moment of healing, Karen confronts Eva herself, and she’s able to express her fears and gain closure when it comes to Eva who reminds her that Hen loves her more than Eva. Eva might be a soft spot for Hen, but it’s nothing compared to the love she holds for Karen. With that, Karen creates a romantic night with candles for just the two of them (complete with fire extinguishers under the bed just in case, of course) and tells Hen she wants to look forward now, not back.

Harry Confronts His Trauma

Harry has continued to struggle with the trauma of his kidnapping and the lingering feeling of seeing Hudson haunting him everywhere. He’s only opened up to May (and very little at that), but has a break through this episode. His therapist reminds him no one wants him to “move on” from the trauma, they want to help him confront it and process it. So, in typical teenager style, Harry takes the concept of confronting Hudson literally and runs off back to the house where he was kept. As he stares into the very spot he was hidden, he crashes through the floor. His first call is the Athena who races off with Ransone to the house. There, Harry gets to see Athena in action mode, and she reminds him that he will always come before the job. He’s momentarily alone with Ransone after an EMT checks him out, and they have a great heart-to-heart. Ransone’s trauma has been very similar to Harry’s, and he helps him feel seen and heard. It’s with Ransone’s advice that Harry decides he’s ready to return home, to Athena and Bobby’s house.

Check in with Chimney and Jee-Yun

After Chimney hit the road with Jee to find Maddie, we’ve had precious few updates on how that search was going. This week, Chimney arrives in Boston in search of Maddie. Though he’s there on a hunch based on distant church bells in Maddie’s call, Hen hilariously points out there is an exact replica of said church and bells in California. While in Boston, he saves a baby in a parking garage until EMS arrives and he reconnects with Eli Cobb. They grab a beer and catch up on each other’s lives. Eli offers some sage advice, that Chimney should take care of himself so he can be there for Maddie. Her inner demons will only make her feel worse if he shows up looking this rough (and let’s be honest, we’ve seen Chimney looking better). It’s a sweet moment that helps him gain some perspective on everything, and the writers also take this moment to let us know they haven’t forgotten that we still don’t know how Howie became Chimney. Maybe we’ll get that story soon!

True to the title of the episode, everyone seems to be chasing ghosts or in some way haunted. From Harry seeing Hudson everywhere he turns, to Chimney still chasing after Maddie, to Eva returning to haunt Hen and Karen again, it was a true week of “Ghost Stories” on 9-1-1.

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