Adele Releases Tracklist for ‘30’


Adele has released the full track listing for 30!

Potentially it’s not necessarily the five o’clock somewhere anthem girlies will toast their fruity cocktails to, but Adele’s “I Drink Wine” is one of the 12 tracks on her upcoming album 30. The others are: 

  1. “Strangers by Nature”
  2. “Easy on Me”
  3. “My Little Love”
  4. “Cry Your Heart Out”
  5. “Oh My God”
  6. “Can I Get It”
  7. “I Drink Wine”
  8. “All Night Parking” (With Erroll Garner)
  9. “Woman Like Me”
  10. “Hold On”
  11. “To Be Loved”
  12. “Love Is a Game”

Furthermore, in collaboration with Target, there’ll be an exclusive deluxe CD with bonus tracks including “Wild Wild West,” “Can’t Be Together,” and a special rendition of “Easy on Me” alongside Chris Stapleton. 30 is available for listening ears on November 19.

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