‘Walker’ Series: Fans Share Favorite Micki Scenes

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Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Welcome to our Walker series! We’ve partnered with our friends at Walker Wiki to bring you an interactive series leading up to the second season premiere of Walker, which airs on October 28.

We asked for input from fans of the show and had them answer questions. We had a great turnout, with many fans wanting to share their favorites and their stories. In this part, we asked fans to share their favorite Micki scenes.

Merle – “The flashback scene in ‘Tale of Two Families’ where we see how she was treated in her old job and meets Larry for the first time.”

Jani – “Micki convincing James to let her take the MMA fight.”

Sam – “The cage fight. She’s just so badass, oh my goodness!”

Nancy – “Micki’s fight scene in the ring.”

Jenni – “The bridge scene during ‘Defend the Ranch’. “Dammit Beau”

Lindsay – “I really liked when she kicked butt as Adriana.”

Im – “[the] Adriana scenes.”

Sami – “Riding the bull as Adriana.”

Ali – “I enjoyed when Micki went undercover. You barely saw any of her normal behaviorisms.”

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Zosia – “The one in which she crashes Duke’s undercover mission as Adriana and rides a mechanical bull! So badass.”

Shannon – “Her entire time undercover in Duke. She was simply amazing, and Lindsey knocked it out of the park. Plus she looks great with her hair down.”

Kirsten – “When she decides to go undercover to protect her partner from what he was doing.”

Kaz – “Coming in as Adriana.”

Cris – “I love when Micki banters with Walker. Always.”

Korp – “In the Pilot, when she called Cordell out after he was unnecessarily rough on the guy that mentioned his wife.”

Marie – “‘Defend the Ranch’ when she stops Hoyt and Cordi on the bridge. The tightness of her partnership with Cordi becomes so clear and loyal.”

Lauren – “She has so many badass moments but one of my favorite Micki moments was when Trey told her he wanted to change his career path and she was super supportive of it. It was such a sweet scene between them.”

Gin – “Micki and Trey talking after Trey’s concussion in ‘Fine is a Four Letter Word’.”

Margaret – “She meets her mom for the first time and actually gets to know her.”

Mathilde – “When she makes peace with her biological mom.”

Hadia – “Micki confronting her aunt(who she thought was her mother) was a wonderfully poignant scene.”

Anna – “When she confronts her mom about being adopted. I’m a sucker for emotional scenes, and the entire episode before being riddled with small hints and clues leading up to it was just *chefs kiss*”

Helen – “Where Mickie meets Trey’s Mom for the first time and is a tiny bit overwhelmed by her big personality.”

Susan – “Her introduction. It set the tone, established her amazing character, her ambition, her heart. I loved her straight away.”

ThomasRay – “Not really a scene but everything in ‘Four Stones in Hand’, Lindsey was spectacular in that episode.”

Andrea – “Mickie on the horse, catching the bad guy.”

Jennifer – “Miki telling Cordell not to screw up her career. She is a strong woman who knows what she wants and isn’t going to let anything get in the way.”

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