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‘Walker’ Series: Fans Share Most Heartbreaking Scenes

TELEVISION'Walker' Series: Fans Share Most Heartbreaking Scenes

Welcome to our Walker series! We’ve partnered with our friends at Walker Wiki to bring you an interactive series leading up to the second season premiere of Walker, which airs on October 28.

We asked for input from fans of the show and had them answer questions. We had a great turnout, with many fans wanting to share their favorites and their stories. In this part, we asked fans to share the most heartbreaking scenes.

Let’s go!

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Alej – “Cordi crying over Emily and Hoyt’s death.”

Cris – “Hoyt’s demise. OMG.”

Laura – “Hoyt’s death, no more to say.”

Sami – “Hoyt dying in Walker’s arms.”

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Nancy – “Hoyt and Emily’s death.”

Mathilde – “Hoyt’s death or Emily’s death because their [lives] were cut way too short.”

Korp – “Hoyt.”

Hadia – “Hoyt’s death. He was such a wonderful character with so much potential and him dying just when he got his freedom was tragic.”

Gin – “Hoyt’s death – it was honestly so unexpected that it hit very hard.”

Nancy – “When Hoyt died. Felt he deserved a chance to redeem himself and be a true member of the Walker clan.”

Marie – “Hoyt dying.”

Ali – “Hoyt’s death was incredibly sad because he and Cordell had patched up their relationship just beforehand and Abeline’s quiet “no” just broke me.”

Margaret – “Watching the flashback of Emily’s death.”

Im – “Cordi’s crying over Em’s dead body.”

Susan – “Emily at the morgue. Devastating.”

Andrea – “Walker in the morgue. It seemed so real.”

Jani – “When Walker goes to identify Emily’s body and he worries that the room is too cold for her.”

Eva – “Emily’s death.”

Kaz – “Cordell seeing dead Emily, and crying.”

Jennifer – “Cordell at Emily’s side at the morgue. Jared’s acting is superb.”

Lindsay – “Anytime Cordell remembers Emily just breaks my heart.”

Jenni – “Cordell standing over Emily’s body in the morgue was the most heartbreaking thing I may ever see.”

Alejandra – “Where Cordell cries that one gave me a lot of feelings.”

Lauren – “The flashback scene where Cordell is brought in to identify his wife’s body breaks my heart every time.”

Sam – “Emily’s death. (Though Hoyt’s death cuts a close second. Why did they have to do that?) That one doesn’t need an explanation.”

Helen – “Cordell weeping over Emily’s dead body in the morgue. Showed what a huge loss it was for him, and gave context to how lost he was without her guidance.”

ThomasRay – “Walker finding out Emily died and because that’s how I would have reacted if my fiancé died.”

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Kirsten – “As Stan recalled the night Emily was murdered and watching how the whole Walker family reacted to the truth. It was very hard to watch knowing they trusted Stan from day one.”

Shannon – “Seeing Emily being betrayed by Stan in the finale. Hearing her say “no” to him while struggling to breathe… I’m not okay.”

Zosia – “When Micki talks to Adriana and finally learns the truth about her mother. That’s some life-altering news and Lindsey did a fantastic job portraying the heartbreak.”

Anna – “When Liam tells Cordell that Carlos was innocent and that he’s sorry he didn’t tell him before. Then Cordell walks up and sees Emily, the look between them breaks me into tears every time.”

Merle – “The intervention when the kids let Cordell believe he had crashed the car.”

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