‘Walker’ Series: Fans Talk About Most Impressive Episodes


Welcome to our Walker series! We’ve partnered with our friends at Walker Wiki to bring you an interactive series leading up to the second season premiere of Walker, which airs on October 28.

We asked for input from fans of the show and had them answer questions. We had a great turnout, with many fans wanting to share their favorites and their stories. In this part, we asked fans to share the most impressive episodes.

Let’s go!

Episode 5 – Duke

Lindsay – “It was heartbreaking, yet, it was wonderfully done. It give us an insight on what had happened after Emily’s Death. It also remined me of Veronica Mars.”

Margaret – “[When] Micki went undercover to help Walker with his Duke persona.”

Episode 7 – Tracks

Merle – “The cinematography was just stunning, loved Bola Ogun’s directing style.”

Episode 11 – Freedom

Cris – “I just thought it juggled a lot really nicely and I felt for the characters.”

Episode 12 – A Tale of Two Families

Im – “[Episode 12] shots and scenery were amazing.”

ThomasRay – “A tale of two families and it’s because of how seamlessly Jared mixed each of his scenes together for max effect.”

Episode 13 – Defend the Ranch

Sam – “It just had so much amazing acting, and some really great action sequences. It felt like it really set the tone for what’s to come.”

Korp – “I think the episode speaks for itself.”

Mathilde – “The fight scenes are awesome and the emotional scenes were perfect.”

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Episode 17 – Dig

Jani – “Dig directed by Richard Speight, Jr. [there was] some great camera work. The truck crash and following sequence were excellent.”

Jenni – “So many incredible stunts.”

Kaz – “The twists, car flip. Amazing!”

Helen – “It had so much happening. Regular family stuff, high school spirit week, bomb threat suspect’s mental health story. The scenes where Cordell visits Carlos, finding out the truth of Emily’s murder; paralleled with Stan being confronted by, and killing, the journalist. The stunt where Cordell gets run off the road stunt was amazing.”

Episode 18 – Drive

Jennifer – “It had great pacing, lots of twists and included the entire main cast.”

Gin – “The confession scene was heartbreaking, the sniper/shooter scene was intense, great cliffhanger!”

Lauren – “The finale was really well written and performed. The whole cast did an amazing job, especially with the scene where they all confront Stan.”

Kirsten – “The episode where Cordell found out the truth about his wife’s murder and how Stan was involved.”

Nancy – “Walker kept it together and the family’s impact in getting a confession.”

Zosia – “The season finale – we get to see some badassery from Cordell and very emotional scenes from the Walker family and Stan.”

Andrea – “it wrapped up the whole season 1 storyline.”

Hadia – “The finale! It was done really well and all the actors/actresses did an incredible job at portraying the emotions involved!”

Susan – “The finale. Bringing everything together, the intensity, the revelations. Brilliant.”

Anna – “I think the finale was quite impressive. It had so much action, but never strayed away from emotional scenes either. It kept bringing so much new information, yet without overdoing it. And of course, a cliffhanger that gets you excited but without being a nervous wreck, which is always impressive imo.”

Shannon – “The finale of season 1, because everyone brought their A-game. It was emotional and exciting on a grand scale.”

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