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‘Walker’ Series: Fans Talk About Most Unexpected Moments

TELEVISION'Walker' Series: Fans Talk About Most Unexpected Moments

Welcome to our Walker series! We’ve partnered with our friends at Walker Wiki to bring you an interactive series leading up to the second season premiere of Walker, which airs on October 28.

We asked for input from fans of the show and had them answer questions. We had a great turnout, with many fans wanting to share their favorites and their stories. In this part, we asked fans to share the most unexpected moments.

Let’s go!

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Cris – “The silhouetted creeper in the season finale.”

Nancy – “Sniper and the “guy” watching [the] Walkers.”

Susan – The end of the finale.”

Kaz – “Last scene of the finale.”

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Jennifer – “Stan actually shooting Emily. It was clear he was involved but to see him actually pull the trigger, knowing how he continued to be a “friend” to the family after her death, all of the lies he told, was shocking.”

Laura – “Stan killing Emily.”

Sami – “Stan being part of Emily’s murder.”

Margaret – “Finding out that Stan was the one who killed Emily and he hid the secret.”

Helen – “When Cordell discovers that Stan was involved in Emily’s murder.”

Zosia – “That it was Stan who killed Emily (awesome performance by Jeffrey Nordling!)”

Shannon – “Stan being involved in Emily’s murder. They planted just enough tiny hints to make it seem like it could be possible, without making it too obvious. So we all got to enjoy speculating over the season.”

Hadia – “Stan being involved in the murder of Emily!”

Andrea – “Stan directly being responsible for Emily’s murder.”

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ThomasRay – “Hoyt’s Death and because it hit home.”

Alej – “Hoyt’s death.”

Im – “Hoyt’s death or Geri and Cordi’s kiss.”

Jenni – “CORDRI KISS.”

Merle – “They brought back the poker chip in the end and I love them for it.”

Geri – “For me, it was the Walker and Geri kiss. I was not expecting it all but I thought it was really cute.”

Alejandra – “Cordell’s kiss left me shocked.”

Korp – “Cordell & Geri’s kiss.”

Kirsten – “That Trevor was the son of Clint West.”

Lindsay – “When [the] Llama ended up being an Alpaca.”

Jani – “In the season finale when Stan realizes Walker was the target and pulls him in to whisper ‘they were aiming for you.'”

Nancy – “In the season finale when it is revealed that Walker was the intended target.”

Sam – “Geri being the one to close Emily’s eyes. It was really unexpected but in a positive instead of devastating way. It felt kind of peaceful.”

Ali – “My favorite twist was we found out that Micki’s mother wasn’t her biological mom.”

Mathilde – “When we find out Micki’s mom is actually her aunt.”

Anna – “When Stella had to “operate” on Liam. I did not expect them to go through with it.”

Eva – “Liam [getting] shot.”

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