‘DC’s Stargirl’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 11 “Summer School: Chapter Eleven”

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We are only two episodes away from the finale of DC’s Stargirl’s second season. After the events of the last episode leaves the JSA in shambles, it is time to find out in “Summer School: Chapter Eleven” if Courtney survives the Shadowlands.

“We’re Not in Kansas Anymore.”

After being pulled into the Shadowlands, Courtney wakes up only to discover that she seems to be home. But at the same time not at home. Everything is all black and white, and anyone she passes is giving off Stopford-friendly vibes.

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She walks into the dinner and sees Joey practicing magic at the table with his parents. They welcome her to Blue Valley as Joey stands up and asks her to pick a card. Courtney flashes back to when he asked her to do this before, and she lied, saying that he picked her card. The Shadowland Joey version gets mad, and everyone looks like they are about to attack her, but when she runs out the door through a flash of light, she gets transported to the high school.

A familiar face shows up and attacks her but stops when Courtney bleeds from a cut on her arm. “People here don’t bleed.” Those words come from Cynthia, who explains what the Shadowlands are and do to Courtney in her childhood room.

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“Where do we go now?”

Beth is in Courtney’s room looking around her stuff, crying when Jennie walks in, and they have a heart to heart before Beth hears Dr. McNider’s voice. He is with Courtney, and they are both alive! Jennie uses the Green Lantern ring to find where The Shade is to help them rescue the pair.   

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“I’ll Get You My Pretty.”

Seriously though, evil children add to the creepy factor. Every time Courtney goes through a doorway, she gets shown someone’s life Eclipso deemed to have been ruined by her. Going to search for Cindy to take her back home with her, she gets separated from Dr. McNider and runs into the creepy Eclipso kid asking if she wants to play a game called, “Whose life did you ruin?” Yolanda, Rick, her mom, and mentioning her dad. When the creepy Eclipso child asks Courtney how she feels towards him, she replies, “I hate you.” Cue creepy Eclipso kid’s creepy smile.

“There’s no place like home.”

Finding The Shade in a movie theater watching an old black and white film, Pat and Barbara tell him to open the door to the Shadowlands so they can save Courtney. Shade is also shocked when he hears that Dr. McNider is actually alive. Struggling to stand because he is not at full power, Shade uses the movie screen to create a portal between the worlds. The episode ends with Courtney, Dr. McNider, and Cindy leaving the Shadowland returning home. But it did not come without a cost. Having used all his energy, The Shade dies and in turn vanishes. Cindy has the final words about going to kill Eclipso.

Is The Shade really gone? Can they trust Cynthia? What does it mean now that Dr. McNider is back? Those questions and more will have to wait for the penultimate and final episode of the season.

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