‘Ted Lasso’: Nick Mohammed Shares Thoughts on Nate’s Season 2 Story Arc

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Warning: This article containers spoilers for season 2 of ‘Ted Lasso’

The season 2 finale of Ted Lasso landed on Apple TV+ today, ushering in the final notes to cap off an incredible 12-episode arc of laughter, learning, hurt, healing, and so much more.

Ted Lasso follows the story of an American football coach who’s hired to take over a struggling soccer team in the UK — AFC Richmond. Despite his utter lack of knowledge about the sport, Ted makes up for this readily with his optimism, his determination, and his penchant for baking incredibly delicious biscuits.

Starring the likes of Jason Sudeikis as Ted, alongside Brendan Hunt, Hannah Waddingham, Jeremy Swift, Phil Dunster, Brett Goldstein, Nick Mohammed, Juno Temple, and more, audiences have been completely enamored with this critically acclaimed series since it premiered in 2020.

When it comes to Mohammed’s Nathan Shelley, the former kit manager-turned- coach had a huge story arc that ended in a shocking twist by the end of season 2. While audiences may have missed some of the warning signs about Nate that were teased in the first season, all bets were off as his growing animosity and thinly veiled rage finally reached a boiling point and exploded in “Inverting the Pyramid of Success.”

In a show that’s equal parts humorous and heartfelt, it’s an understandable knee-jerk reaction for audiences to have found themselves simmering with hatred for Nate after his betrayal of Ted (and Richmond) and his crass outburst afterward. However, we can’t simply look at this as a one-sided story. The writers of Ted Lasso are nothing if not thorough; the villainous downfall of Nate the Great was not a snap decision, but rather a complex, well-thought-out, and poignant study of a misunderstood character.

Mohammed took to social media to share some of his own thoughts on Nate’s story arc, including foreshadowing details from early on and his reaction to the symbolic tearing of the ‘Believe’ sign.

Read his full message below.

Hats off to Nick Mohammed for his incredible portrayal of Nathan Shelley this season. Moving into season 3, there’s no telling what the writers will have in store for the rest of Nate’s story. But considering the fact that he’s now working for Rupert, and Richmond has made their way back into the Premier League, there’s certainly more of him to come.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Ted Lasso are now streaming exclusively on Apple TV+. Make sure to catch up on all of our coverage on the series, including episodic recaps and more.

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