‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 11 “2 Became 1”

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John Golen Britt / The CW

Roswell, New Mexico delivered another jaw dropping episode tonight filled with big reveals and a few answers we’ve been waiting for! Let’s break down what we learned in season 3, episode 11 “2 Became 1.”

Jones’ Past and the Science is Explained

John Golen Britt / The CW

The episode does a brilliant job of offering two very different perspectives when hashing out the mysterious history. First, we have Jones’ story to Liz as he tries to use logic to convince her to work with him. Second, we have the memories of Theo imparted to Dallas who reveals the implications of it all to Max.

Jones’ Story

While Jones is obviously a malicious murderer, he seems to pride himself on his smarts and tries to woo Liz with his “logic” and reiterating that he cares for Max. Through his “logic” we learn more about the destruction of Oasis. Jones believed his Oasis’ future was bleak and he chose to be become its savior. Being that savior meant using his abilities to destroy and murder nearly everything with fire. From that fire and death, grows a familiar flower. The very flower that has pollen to dampen alien abilities also contain important stem cells in the petals.

Jones bargains that once the tether is broken, he will leave Earth peacefully and Liz can use what she learns to save Max and do good for the world. Of course, we know he’s a slippery snake who will double back on that just as soon as he and Max are untethered. Season 2 Liz might very well have taken that offer, but season 3 Liz isn’t having any of it!

Theo’s Memories

When Dallas escorts Max back to the cage (which they discover Jones has already destroyed) Dallas tells Max his father tasked him with possibly killing Max. If Max dies, Jones dies. In this heart to heart conversation, Dallas explains what happened on Oasis and the science of it all. Theo cracked the code on cloning and wanted to use it to repopulate the planet with dying species. However, Jones asked Theo to use that knowledge to create clones for him. Of course Theo says no, but then Theo’s wife gets sick so Jones offers to heal her in exchange for his work. Oh and he also threatened to kill baby Dallas at knife point. With no choice, Theo agreed.

The rebellion took years for Theo, Nora, and Louise to plan. They stole Jones’ DNA, created Max, and then altered his DNA so that it can’t be cloned. Because of the tether between them Jones’ DNA was altered in the process. We hit some serious Harry Potter vibes as Max utters the words, “I was built to die.” Dallas explains that he symbolized hope for the rebels. Max was a pure and good child and they saw that someone just as powerful as Jones could act differently. They had hope and he is still that hope for everyone fighting Jones now.

Liz and Heath Won’t Go Quietly

John Golen Britt / The CW

They might be literal captives to an alien dictator but both Liz and Heath aren’t going to give in to his demands so easily. Initially they are kept separate and Heath is able to contact an old camp council who gets his message about their location to Dallas. This sets off operation save Liz (see below) all while Heath is trying to buy them time. Oh and he’s also trying to slyly engineer a way to kill Jones.

Liz negotiates with Jones to heal the Sheriff in exchange for her cooperation in completing the science. Jones agrees and heals the Sheriff, but rather than set her free Jones takes over her mind and uses her to bring Dallas to the house (at gunpoint of course.)

Satisfied, Liz “agrees” (but we know our girl, she’s up to something). As soon as she’s in the room with Heath they start planning ways to take Jones down and escape. Thanks to Jones’ slip up about the flowers, they can use Noah’s ashes to gather the spores to separate Jones and Max.

Michael Reveals a Secret

John Golen Britt / The CW

Part of the save Liz Ortecho and crew plan is for Michael to create alien handcuffs to dampen Jones’ abilities. Naturally, Michael needs to try test them and asks Sanders to handcuff him. We’re treated to a hilarious exchange that quickly turns to revealing a key feature of why Michael always seems to be holding back. After high school, Michael got into a fight at the Wild Pony. He drunkenly mind controlled the guy into walking in front a vehicle and it nearly killed the man. This affords Sanders (and us) some clarity on why Michael always seems reluctant to test the limits of his abilities. Michael tells Sanders, “Turning strangers into puppets that lose their free will. If that doesn’t define darkness then I don’t know what does.” So what does Sanders do? He laughs, of course.

“There ain’t no darkness in you, kid. You ain’t nothing but a pair of sad puppy dog eyes in a cowboy hat.”

Sanders gives the pep talk of a lifetime, telling Michael he’s like his mother and will use his powers to fight Jones, not to become like Jones. Just a short while later Michael reveals this ability to Max and Isobel who both fully support him. They know (as do we) Michael could never be like Jones.

Operation Save Liz (also Heath and the Sheriff)

John Golen Britt / The CW

Step One: Acquire a sword. Isobel and Rosa track down Louise’s sword on the Long farm using Rosa’s ability. Once the sword is in hand, Isobel comments that it feels like an army is behind her.

Isobel has Louise’s sword. Michael has his handcuffs and new/old ability. Max says screw the cage and joins them and together they storm the house to save Liz, Heath, Dallas, and the Sheriff. Isobel and Jones face off outside in a truly epic sword fight during which Isobel lands some satisfying hits.

Inside, Michael uses his ability to free the Sheriff from Jones’ mental clutches and they urge Heath to run with the now unconscious Sheriff (she’s lost a lot of blood). Everything is going smoothly right? Ah, this is yet another prime example of ‘things did not go as planned.’

With Michael holding Jones’ sword at Jones’ throat, Isobel also armed, and Dallas threatening to shoot Max dead, Jones tries to calm everyone’s emotions by offering them the opportunity to peacefully handcuff him so they can talk. Liz informs him no such agreement will happen and the tables quickly turn. Jones instead plays his mind control card and locks everyone inside his mind together. Now they can really “chat.”

Roswell, New Mexico‘s final two episodes will air back to back on Monday, October 11 on The CW. Be sure to check out all our coverage including recaps, new images, and synopsis as they drop!

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