‘Dynasty’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 22 “Filled With Manipulations and Deceptions”


The Dynasty season finale is upon us. Jeff’s health is declining quickly, Adam reverts to his old ways, and there’s a classic catfight in the Dynasty season 4 finale. Read on to find out what happens in the episode, “Filled With Manipulations and Deceptions.”

Jeff’s health

While Jeff is worried about his mom and Colby Space Co., he’s been neglecting his health. Dominique suggests he make a doctor’s appointment to find out what’s wrong. She calls his neurologist, who says Jeff hasn’t been showing up to his appointments, so she knows something is very very wrong.

Jeff has hacked into Brady’s phone and finds out he’s been seen at Alexis’ penthouse. He is under the impression he’s trying to sell info about his company to Alexis. He starts to destroy all of his research. Dominique stops him, telling him Michael and a doctor are on the way to get this figured out. He cuffs her to a shelf and grabs his gun with one target in mind.

Jeff tries to shoot Brady, but Michael stops him. However, Jeff gets it in his head that Michael is in on it too and pulls the gun on him, but as far as we know, he doesn’t shoot.

Adam’s got it

Adam has been fast-tracking his anti-aging drug, you know, the one he stole the research to? Dr. Larson found out about it, however, and demanded half of all sales and a five million dollar head start. Adam gets him the money from Alexis, who is under the guise it’s to help with start-up costs. When Adam meets with Dr. Larson to give him the check, he wants more … as in credit for the work or he’s going to the police. So, Adam does what he does best and kills him, framing his mother for the murder.

Alexis gets put in jail, fancy dress and all, despite her insisting there’s been a mistake.

Fallon’s onto the truth

Fallon spent the night in the office with a bottle of alcohol to occupy her. When Amanda shows up to check on her, Fallon heads to Eva’s desk to get the bottle of gin she has in it. When she does, she finds a copy of Liam’s book that has a photo of them at the Paysinger Awards. Fallon wonders when the two of them got close, and when Eva comes into work, Fallon dismisses her and sends her home for the day.

Fallon tries to convince Liam of this, but he doesn’t want to hear it. She promises to do whatever it takes to prove they were sabotaged and not doomed. Amanda is helping her uncover the truth, but Eva overhears it and shows up at Liam’s door, eye drops in hand, to act as if she had been crying. She accuses Fallon of things she never did or said to get Liam on her side.

Fallon corners Eva at the office to get her to admit to her sabotage. At first, she doesn’t, not until Fallon says she’s seen her manifesto in the margins of Liam’s book. The two of them fight it out until Liam shows up because Eva called him to help her pack her things. He still thinks Fallon’s making excuses.

Eva consoles Liam in his room at La Mirage. When she makes a move on him, he says that’s not what he’s looking for at the moment. He starts piecing everything together and realizes Fallon is right, she was sabotaging them all along. Regardless of her cheating, he still loves her.

Liam shows up to the gala for Blake’s campaign to support the family. He tells Fallon this doesn’t mean all is forgiven, he’s there to support. Eva shows up soon after with a gun and shoots it, hitting Fallon in her hip. Fallon falls to the ground with Liam catching her, but she’s fading. The family has crowded around her all of them freaking out and crying.

Back down, Beto

Beto is running his own smear campaign against Blake because he wants Cristal to hand their family business over to him. She thinks about giving in after she tries to get him to back down, but he won’t. Blake steps in to do it the Carrington way, Cristal warns him if he doesn’t stop, she will call their father and tell him the truth and get the right man put in jail. Beto makes an unwanted appearance at the gala with a gun as well, but Eva beats him to the trigger. Once he realizes, he quickly makes a swift exit.

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