WATCH: Jake Gyllenhaal Talks ‘The Guilty’ and More on ‘The Daily Show with Trevor Noah’


On September 30, Jake Gyllenhaal appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah to chat with Trevor Noah about The Guilty, finding joy in future roles, and more. Check out the clip below!

The pair start out by discussing Gyllenhaal’s most recent role as disgraced detective Joe Baylor in Netflix’s The Guilty and what makes the seasoned actor choose the roles he does. “I’m more interested in the moral idea of a human being and that we all make mistakes,” Gyllenhaal explained, giving audiences an idea of why he chooses to take on so many roles with flawed humans. The pair also discuss how the social climate surrounding feelings toward police was taken into consideration when making this film.

Although Gyllenhaal has enjoyed exploring both his own mental health and the mental health of some of these flawed characters he has recently brought to the screen, the actor tells Noah he is “moving towards wanting to have a little bit more fun”. Rather than taking himself and the industry so seriously, Gyllenhaal is ready to bring some joy back into his work.

Check out our review for The Guilty here, and be sure to stream the movie available now on Netflix.

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