‘9-1-1’: Get Ready for Season 5 With a Season 4 Recap!

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There are just a few days to go until the premiere of the fifth season of FOX’s hit first responder drama 9-1-1, a series that follows the high pressure experiences of firefighters, police officers, and dispatchers who are thrust into frightening, shocking, and heart-stopping situations in and around Los Angeles. Meanwhile, these heroes must also try to balance solving the problems in their own personal lives as well.

For those that didn’t have time to squeeze in a re-watch before season 5, we’ve put together a summary of important events that took place in season 4 as a refresher!

The Hollywood Reservoir Dam disaster


Would it even be a season of 9-1-1 without a major disaster or two? Season 4 came in hot with a devastating two-episode event — the Hollywood Reservoir Dam broke due to seismic activity, leading to flooding and landslides. While the 118 worked to save hikers stranded at the Hollywood sign and a group of kidnapped pregnant women, Athena fought to rescue an agoraphobic woman who could not leave her house.

The third Buckley sibling

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Buck and Maddie’s parents were finally introduced in season 4 when they came to Los Angeles to visit. After a stressful dinner, Buck finally stood up to Margaret and Phillip and told them exactly why he was in therapy. It wasn’t because of his job, but rather because he grew up feeling like nothing he ever did was good enough for them. (We’re still reeling over Oliver Stark’s unbelievable performance during this scene — “Love me anyway.”) At the end of the episode and carrying over into the next one — the long-awaited “Buck Begins” chapter — we learned that the Buckleys had another child, Daniel.

Daniel Buckley was seven when Buck was born, and he died a year later from juvenile leukemia. Unbeknownst to Buck, he was a savior sibling. However, the cells didn’t graft. His difficult and strained relationship that he had with his parents growing up suddenly began to make much more sense. At the end of the episode, Buck and his parents shared an important moment as they told him that they never blamed him for Daniel’s death. He was born to save someone, and he ended up in a career where he does exactly that every single day.

Eddie reveals his amended will to Buck

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In a painfully shocking moment, the final minutes of episode 13 saw Eddie shot by a sniper. Buck was momentarily helpless, left standing there stunned and covered in his best friend’s blood, until he was eventually able to spring into action to drag him into the ambulance. Afterward, while Eddie recovered in the hospital, Buck had to step in and be there for Christopher.

When it was time for Eddie to be discharged from the hospital, Buck went to pick him up. As they waited for Eddie’s medication and paperwork, he told Buck that he had been meaning to talk to him about something. When he almost died in the well (season 3), it made him wonder what would have happened to Christopher, and so he went to his attorney and changed his will. If Eddie dies, Buck is to become Christopher’s legal guardian. When Buck asked about Eddie’s parents, he learned exactly why he had been chosen over them.

BUCK: If it came to that, wouldn’t they fight for him?
EDDIE: I don’t know. Maybe. Probably. But no one will ever fight for my son as hard as you. That is what I want for him.

BUCK: Well, you said you did this last year. Why are you just telling me now?
EDDIE: Because, Evan, you came in here the other day and said you thought it would have been better if it had been you who was shot. You act like you’re expendable. But you’re wrong.

The relationship between Eddie and Buck has always been one of the best dynamics on 9-1-1, and this moment further cemented the depth of the deep bond that they share.

Hen and Karen say goodbye to Nia


After being in their care for almost a year, Hen and Karen learned that Nia’s birth mother was ready to pursue reunification with her daughter. This was a struggle for them, because Hen wanted to fight for Nia, but Karen had to remind her that what was happening was a part of their job as foster parents. During the finale, they ran into Nia and her mother at the park and finally had a chance to sit down and meet her.

Jee-Yun Buckley Han is born


In episode 9, Maddie and Chimney gave birth to their first child (while Albert was in a near-fatal car accident but thankfully survived). After much debate over what her name would be, Maddie surprised Chimney by telling him that she wanted her name to be Jee-Yun, after Chimney’s mother.

Despite the busy and demanding lives that they both lead, becoming parents proved to be an entirely new challenge altogether for Chimney and Maddie. Additionally, on top of both of them being quite sleep deprived, Maddie began to experience issues of her own — postpartum depression. Though she initially tried to ignore it, she finally broke down and told Chimney that she needed help in the finale.

The 118 meets the 126

Jordin Althaus/FOX.

In the first-ever crossover between 9-1-1 and 9-1-1: Lone Star, Buck, Eddie, and Hen travelled to Texas to help combat a wildfire. The actual event took place in the Lone Star episode “Hold the Line.” Seeing all of these characters meet and interact for the first time was incredibly satisfying and enjoyable for fans, and we can now hopefully look forward to another crossover coming up in season 5. (Join us in looking back on the best moments from the crossover episode!)

Buck and Taylor, 2.0

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Taylor Kelly originally had a two-episode arc in season 2 that included a brief fling with Buck. At the time, Buck was trying to move on from the scandalous ways of Buck 1.0. After fooling around together a couple of times, Buck realized that what was happening between them defeated the purpose of his goal to approach relationships differently this time around. And thus that was the end of things … until season 4.

Upon Taylor’s return this past season, she and Buck didn’t immediately fall back into bed together, but they instead worked on their friendship. However, all of that changed during the finale when Taylor kissed him. The moment was awkward at best, causing Taylor to leave shortly after. She showed back up at his apartment later, and Buck admitted that he didn’t chase after her because he’s spent a long time feeling like he isn’t good enough, and he doesn’t want to do that anymore. Taylor then told him that she does want him, and the two shared another kiss.

New beginnings with Eddie and Ana

When we met Ana Flores in season 3, she was introduced as Christopher’s teacher. There were hints of attraction between she and Eddie, but nothing ever came of it. The two ran back into one another in season 4 by chance. Eddie initially wasn’t sure if he was ready to start dating again yet after the loss of Shannon, but a talk with Bobby helped him make his decision.

The two began dating and fell into what appears to be a pleasant and easy relationship, Christopher eventually accepting her after his initial negative reaction (which involved him running to Buck). Although there isn’t any obvious trouble in paradise quite yet, Carla made an interesting comment to Eddie in episode 13 when they were discussing Ana: “Be sure you’re following your heart, not Christopher’s.”

From “Evan” to “Buck,” explained

Throughout the course of the series, audiences have known that Evan Buckley exclusively goes by the nickname “Buck.” The origin of this nickname was finally explained in the episode “Buck Begins.” When Buck was taking firefighter training and certification classes prior to joining the 118, there were three other Evans in his class, so they started calling him Buck.

Though we won’t get our hopes up on seeing this other mystery solved any time soon, season 5 owes us the backstory on Chimney’s nickname next.

Other notable events:

  • The series addresses COVID-19 within the world of 9-1-1
  • Hen starts medical school
  • May took a gap year from college and began working at the call center
  • Buck starts seeing a therapist
  • Hen’s mother moves to LA
  • Albert Han finishes his LAFD training

Don’t miss season 5 of 9-1-1 when it premieres on FOX on Monday, September 20 at 8 p.m. ET/PT! Stay tuned for our weekly episodic recaps and more.

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