‘DC’s Stargirl’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 6 “Summer School: Chapter 6”

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This week’s episode of DC’s Stargirl was action-filled from the start to the explosive ending. During the episode, I had to remind myself that it was not the season finale, but it had that kind of edge of the seat, oh my god, moments. 

During the episode, the young JSA heroes came face to face with the ISA and something much, much worse. Read on to find out what kind of chaos they get into this week.

The Setup

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Working at the restaurant and already in an off mood, Isaac sits at a table in her section, bringing up past things. Ultimately blaming her and her friends for what the JSA did to his parents.

Elsewhere, Beth visits her dad to bring him lunch and wants to talk about her parent’s marriage and ways to fix it. Her dad says that they can talk more when he is home from work, and it’s with her mother. Beth mentions that it seems like jobs are more important than family. Feeling defeated when leaving her dad’s office, she calls Rick looking to talk, when all of a sudden a flying baseball knocks the phone out of her hand. Then another, nearly missing her. Artemis continues to harass and attack her, saying it is her fault that her parents are in jail.

In the Art class, Pat and Courtney are there cleaning up talking about the events from the previous episode when Cameron walks into the class. Pat finds and shows them a painting of Cynthia holding something up to her eye. Cameron confirms that it makes sense she was there that day to talk to him about his dad. Pat and Courtney quickly leave the Art room knowing that Cynthia has the black diamond. They split up, Pat going to get S.T.R.I.P.E. and Courtney getting her staff, saying in synch that they will meet at the Pit Stop.

The Battles

At the Pit Stop, unfortunately, Pat is not alone. He doubles over in pain as Sportsmaster II and Isaac Bowin are there. Both of them use their powers on him as Pat tries to block each strike. He will not fight back because he will not hit a child. After being thrown into S.T.R.I.P.E. head first and before he passes out, he sees Sportsmaster II stop Isaac from attacking again, possibly providing a fatal blow, saying he’s her dad’s friend but hears that it was all about the robot.

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Continuing to the next phase of her plan, Cindy waits until Mike is alone at the junkyard and approaches him. Mike thinks she is there to recruit him to the ISA, but she laughs and says that he is just the bait.

Sitting with her mom by Pat’s side in the hospital, they try to reach Mike but can’t. Courtney breaks down and says that if they didn’t split up she would have been there to stop Pat from getting hurt and being in the hospital unconscious with a really bad concussion. Courtney’s phone rings and she answers, thinking it is her brother. Surprise, Cindy says that she has him, and she wants her to suffer by going after her friends, family, and then her. Her mom gives her a pep talk before she goes off to save her brother. Then quickly calls Shade to tell him that Cindy has the black diamond.

“Be Stargirl for them.”

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The fight takes place in the school’s cafeteria — that school must have good insurance since a lot happens there. It’s Shiv vs. Stargirl, Hourman, Wildcat, and Dr. Mid-Nite vs. Isaac Bowin and Sportsmaster II. During the fight, Dr. Mid-Nite uses her goggles and sees Mike hanging from the ceiling in a supply closet and goes to save him. 

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Making it known that he is alright, Mike takes a toaster and hits Shiv. Shiv stands back up and takes the black diamond and is about to use it when Shade shows up to try to talk her into giving it to him.

We hear the man’s voice say its time as it takes over Cindy’s body with the black diamond energy and Shade battling. Stargirl takes her staff and touches the diamond causing it to shatter. For a quick moment, things look alright. But then, as everyone looks to the night sky, there is a full eclipse. Well, that can’t be good.

For the first time, Eclipso is there in physical form. Shiv goes to attack him, saying that he used her but is quickly subdued by the powerful villain as he grabs her by the neck. He breaks off her Shiv and throws it at Isaac, piercing him in the abdomen. Eclipso throws Shiv to the ground and walks over to a severely injured Isaac, taking his soul ultimately killing him. Seeing the scene unfold in front of her, Sportsmaster II runs away.

Kyle Kaplan/The CW

Cindy/Shiv goes toward Eclipso, saying that he owes her, he flicks a shard of the black diamond at her, and a black pool surrounds her starting to drag her in. Stargirl goes to try to help save Cindy but unfortunately can’t stop what is happening. Shade attacks but is badly injured and vanishes. Stargirl uses her staff against him, wounding Eclipso, but the light goes out in her staff — well, that is not good.

The Aftermath

The battle was not without loss. Cindy and Isaac are gone, Courtney’s staff has lost its light, Shade is injured, and Eclipso is now free and has taken the form of a young boy.

Find out what happens next in the next episode of DC’s Stargirl at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on The CW, streaming free the next day on The CW app!

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