‘Dynasty’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 18 “A Good Marriage in Every Sense”

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In this week’s episode of Dynasty directed by Liz Gillies, Cristal’s brother comes back to town, and Kirby makes a discovery. Plus, are Falliam on the outs or can they salvage their marriage?

Read on to find out everything that happens in yet another explosive episode of Dynasty, season 4, episode 18, “A Good Marriage in Every Sense.”

A familiar face

After leaving him messages about her cancer, Cristal didn’t receive any messages from her brother. Now, he’s in Atlanta trying to get her to side with him in the takedown of their father. Cristal doesn’t budge, he’s still their father after all. Beto wants out, to live his life freely like Cristal. Cristal decides to cut off all communication with her father forever. She doesn’t want him using her or her brother again.

Beto and Sam hook up, and while Sam is in the shower, Beto steals the evidence Cristal told him to hold onto. Beto turns their father in and Cristal is worried he’ll think she turned on him. That’s not the case, though. He leaves Cristal the family business to run while he’s in jail.

Fallon’s on the case

Fallon is the only person questioning Amanda’s validity. She’s found out that not only was she fired from her job a month prior for “undisclosed reasons,” she’s also trying to change her name … to Amanda Carrington. Naturally, Fallon enlists the help of Colin who has his own tricks up his sleeves. And the plan backfires on her, Amanda wants to stay in Atlanta. So, of course, Fallon asks Adam to help take care of the problem but he’s “retired.” However, he does the favor for his sister and traps Amanda in a car with people surrounding it, activating her claustrophobia.

Colin finds out that Judge Whitley had filed a restraining order against Amanda for stalking. When Fallon presents this to Amanda, her sister tells her that she was having a romantic affair with the Judge. When the affair threatened to leak, she filed a restraining order against Amanda to protect the cases they’d been working on. Which is also why she was fired from her job.

While she’s doing all of this, her marriage is really starting to take a hit. It’s apparent now more than ever that Eva is trying to worm her way right in and steal Liam from Fallon.

Kirby’s life-changing discovery

kirby in dynasty season 4 episode 18
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While going through her father’s things, Kirby uncovers a flash drive that Anders insisted she watch when he was no longer here. She’s afraid to see what’s on it, thinking it’s just another lecture. Eventually, she watches it, and while it is a lecture, he also givers a valuable piece of information. He sends her an address to a woman named Victoria and tells her this will change her life forever.

Kirby meets Victoria and finds out that she is his estate lawyer and not anyone she’s related to. She gives Kirby an envelope that contains yet another flash drive. A week before his death he changed the assets he wanted to become payable upon his death.

Anders transferred his life savings over to Kirby and a manuscript that has all of the Carrington family secrets Anders swore to take to his grave. Now, he’s handing them to her for insurance and protection.

New episodes of Dynasty air Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. Episodes stream the next day on The CW app as well as cwtv.com.

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