‘DC’s Stargirl’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 5 “Summer School: Chapter 5”

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This week’s episode of DC’s Stargirl had the horror movie vibe going throughout the entire episode as darkness and a dark force are getting closer to Blue Valley and the young heroes. Meanwhile, continuing her plan at building a new ISA, Cindy has her eyes on a cool recruit prospect from her list.

Read on to find out what kind of trouble has blown into Blue Valley this week.

The Shadow of Our Parents

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Much like the majority of the kids on the series, whether they know the truth or not, Cindy has parental issues. The episode begins with a flashback from ten years ago, where we see a young Cindy wake up screaming from a nightmare. Her mother rushes in to comfort her as her daughter is in hysterics, saying that her father wants to change her and that she does not want to be like him. After her mother leaves the room, the quiet creepy music plays. You know the one right, the one that plays on horror movies right before something terrible happens. There he is, the Dragon King emerges from the darkness, obviously startling his daughter as we hear the scream off-camera.

Finding a Muse

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With all the weird weather happening in Blue Valley, even though the weather says it should be sunny, it sends Cameron inside, forcing him to take a break from working on his father’s mural. On his way, he runs into Mr. Deisinger. As they talk, Cam’s sketchbook falls to the ground. Mr. Deisinger picks it up and sees all the life drawings of the one and only Courtney Whitmore. He tells Cam that it seems he has found his muse. You can see the sad look fall over the teacher as he mentions that he had a muse once, but not anymore.

Later in the art room, Cindy uses the Black Diamond and does something to Mr. Deisinger. There is a purple glow in one of his eyes, and he hears a strange male voice telling him that he is his new muse. During class, he can’t stop coughing and ends the lesson early. Mr. Deisinger begins to cough up paint in the art room as the lights flicker – get the salt!

A Creative Fight

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While they are supposed to be waiting for Pat to get to the school to investigate something related to the weather, Stargirl, Hourman, Wildcat, and Dr. Mid-Nite see Mr. Deisinger’s car and go into the school to find him.

Meanwhile, he is in the art room staring at a blank canvas telling the voice that he cannot see anything. The voice, which is Eclipso, tells him to use his muse and look harder. With paint-covered eyes, he begins to paint rapidly on the canvas.

As the JSA team runs in, they see the room covered in splattered paint, so you know that is not a good sign. Over multiple canvases, there seems to be the same type of vortex-like drawing. That’s when a storm hits. Yolanda hears ringing in her ears, and the door of the classroom closes shut. The “room wind” picks up and someone starts coming out of the vortex painting in a very The Ring movie way. Whatever it is, it starts crawling the walls using the splattered paint to move around. As they get to the hallway, Yolanda, Beth, and Rick are haunted by fears and leaving Courtney on her own. Mr. Deisinger, with paint swirling all around him in darkness, says something that gives Courtney the idea to use the light from her staff, telling him to reach for “the light.” He does and collapses to the ground.


Talking about the event in the garage, Pat mentions that Eclipso’s powers are getting stronger since he did all that without the Black Diamond being there. Also, on the power front, as Cameron is painting, he drops his paintbrush having what looks like hand pain. The camera zooms to it, and it is covered in frost!

Find out what happens next in the next episode of DC’s Stargirl at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on The CW, streaming free the next day on The CW app!

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