‘Roswell, New Mexico:’ An Explosive Secret Revealed and What it All Means

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Season 3 of Roswell, New Mexico has been full of surprise twists and turns so far and tonight’s bombshell brings together several different storylines! We’re going to break down tonight’s huge revelation and what it means for our favorite characters.


Jones is The Dictator

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Tonight’s epic final moments saw Jones about to kill Liz who knew he had body swapped with Max (check out our recap for the full breakdown). Isobel, Michael, and Rosa arrive in the nick of time but Jones sees no reason to keep anyone alive at this point. As he summons his sword, Michael instinctively grabs for it. Anything to keep Jones from having another weapon. However, it doesn’t melt his skin. In fact, he’s able to wield it. In that moment, we learn that Jones himself is the terrifying Dictator, making Michael Guerin his son!

What this Means for Michael

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This implications of this reveal are huge for everyone involved. Firstly, there is Michael who already knows he may or may not be immortal but must grapple with the fact his father was a murderer. He seemed to come to terms with it after a chat with Alex, but now he’s faced with that evil, sadistic, power hungry father face to face.

This dynamic could set Michael up as the savior rather than Max, who has been touted as “the savior” from early on in the show. If Michael and Max are the only ones able to wield the sword other than Jones, perhaps he will be able to take Jones out himself. This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen the evil father, good son play out on the big or small screen. The idea feels poetic in a sense. Michael, who has always felt guilty, unworthy, unwanted, turns out to be the one to save his family and humanity from this evil being.

Naturally, this likely won’t happen until the end of the season (or maybe even season 4 considering the pacing of the show thus far). Either way, this is an incredible reveal that fundamentally changes what we know about Max, Michael, and Jones.

Max’s Cloning Explained

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Tonight’s huge reveal also sheds some light on the truth of why Max was created in the first place and kept by Louisa, Nora, and the resistance. If the Dictator’s powers were unrivaled, if he is truly immortal and unbeatable, then the logic tracks that only someone of that same caliber could take him down. By creating Max, the resistance likely intended to raise him in the “right” way (we say that loosely, raising a child in chains is obviously horrible) and use him when he came of age to take down the Dictator.

Now, at the end of the “Goodnight Elizabeth” we also learn that Jones has taken his body (Max?) from the cave. Theoretically, he’s going to be out of commission for quite some time leaving the hero role to (you guessed it) Michael Guerin (see above). There’s also the fun question of what this makes Max to Michael. His father? Genetically speaking, yes. We’re sure once Max returns (yes, we’re optimist) there will be some hilarious quips as this is explored.

All in all, “Goodnight Elizabeth” was an episode full of huge revelations that will change the trajectory of the show going forward. We cannot wait to see what this rest of this season has in story for Michael Guerin: Savior of The Human Race?

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